Welcome To My Site

It’s live!!

Well, sorta…

So, after a long time of battling dragons and crossing the seven seas, I, Nadeem Abdulla, the creator of this godforsaken website, have finally published my first, very own website, live. It has taken me a lot of patience and hardwork to create this work of masterpiece. I am truly honored and happy that I can showcase my work and my ideas to the people of the world. Hopefully, soon. But I am proud of not what I have made, but that I actually did it. Hope I keep it up and keep fighting more dragons. Peace.

To be serious…

After a long time and effort I have finally published my own site (phew!). I have been planning and working on my portfolio site for over 6 months but neither got the free time nor the peace of mind to get started on it. But better late than ever, here is my website all ready to showcase my work, my ideas and all the crazy stuffs that I would love to share.

So head over and check out my website,and also don’t forget to have a great day and never give up.



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