Blog 001: I Start My Daily Blog

11:50pm, IST.

I start my daily blog.

Today I decide to start blogging daily as much as possible because I want to get into the habit of writing and expressing my thoughts. I actually wanted to start a vlog because it’s easier to say what comes to mind than write but since I don’t have a decent vlogging camera and neither my current situation is favorable for vlogging, I turned to blogging. The other reason I wanted to vlog was to get into the habit of speaking and giving my self-confidence a boost, but that will have to wait I guess.

Since I wanted to vlog and daily vlogs are somewhat based on time I thought of including the time here on the post itself. It will kind of give the idea of what I did when which helps me track my activities and probably get more organized.

Also, this daily blogging would help me, I think, to maintain a type of self journal where I can speak my mind, talk about stuffs, my daily activities and my life events.

12:00am, IST.

That’s it. It took 10 mins for me to write the above paragraph but hopefully as I write more I’ll get used to it and words would just flow. Yeah, I hope they do.

Till then, I’m done for the day. Not much for Day 001. Hopefully tomorrow I write more.




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