Blog 002: My New Hairstyle

8:00am, IST.

Got up.
Phone died.
Went to sleep.

11:30pm, IST.

Well, it was a very sleepy morning. Couldn’t keep my eyes open and was having a mild headache but now everything’s great! Also, started a new sketch after probably 2 weeks and feeling good about it. It’s a sketch for my cute best friend and I just finished her eyes. Pretty happy with the way it looks and I hope the complete drawing turns out to be beautiful.

Talking about day 001, i.e. yesterday, I tried something weird. Something with my looks but more on that later. ;)

5:30pm, IST.

Phew. Finished setting up my new table and storing stuffs in the drawer that I’ll be using frequently and boxing up the rest of the junk. I do have lots of stuffs and the 3 drawers are just not enough. By the way, here’s my table. :)


The left top part is a small wardrobe type shelf and the right higher part is my drawing table. I like the layout and it’s 100 times better than what I had before. So, no complains.

Anyways, dad likes to take credit for the table layout idea even though it was mine first but it’s OK. It makes him happy. :)

Now, coming back to the weirdness that I did yesterday.. well I just did a photo shoot of myself. Yeah, but with a small ponytail!

Hear me out first. I am kinda getting a little fat, and by fat I don’t mean round but healthier. I was never healthy, always thin.. size -1 I used to say, but since a year I’m eating good so I’m gaining weight. So, I decide to try out different hairstyle and do a photo shoot of myself looking good. No, by no means I am handsome or a hero, but I like how I look and I am pretty confident with myself. So one the of the photo, that I took yesterday, is one with a short ponytail.


Before you laugh or comment something I have to say this, I.. like it!

I didn’t think I would look decent enough with a short ponytail but surprisingly I do. And it’s not just me saying it, my mom and my sisters agree too! They complimented me on the new look and encouraged me to keep it. Now, I’m not so sure about keeping it and walking down the street. I’m not so bold enough to do that, but if I genuinely look good then I might surely keep it.

Also, I kinda didn’t like the beard because it is not properly trimmed in shape, so I removed it completely to see how the ponytail looks in clean shave. So tomorrow there will be another photo shoot where I’ll do the same looks but without the beard.

12:00am, IST.

It’s night, and I’m sleepy. I worked on a photo, which is the cover pic of this post and learned a few techniques to get that cinematic look. It kinda looks nice but there are still other photos that I need to color correct and all but I don’t get the time to do them. Hopefully tomorrow.

Felt quite sleepy the whole day even after feeling great in the morning and also had a constant heavy head feeling. Will probably hit the bed early and try to get up early to complete the sketch, at least most of the facial features. That would leave me with the hair and the final touches. Should take around 2 days but if something else comes up, as it does every time, then it’ll extend a day or two and I’ll hate that. Anyways, let’s not worry about that now and have a peaceful sleep.

Goodnight. :)


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