Blog 003: Where I Talk About My Sleep

9:30am, IST.

Good morning.

Hell it’s getting difficult to get up early in the morning. I actually slept at 1:30 as opposed to 3:30 but still couldn’t get up at 8! I don’t like this, but no worries I’ll get used to it.

5:00pm, IST.

Phew! So much work done!

So I almost finished my sketch, at least the important facial features.. the eyes, nose and lips. Damn, the lips. They are one of the most difficult things to draw! Eyes are pretty easy as compared to lips because eyes are kinda smooth and have pretty much fixed features. The lips on the other hand have various small things going on in it. First the shape. The shape of the lips is really, really important because that clearly shows the emotion of the person. So if a person is laughing, smiling, in shock, in awe, or even crying.. lips depict 60% of that emotion. Eyes show the rest. Well, that’s according to me. So, it does take sometime to get the shape and also the length and thickness of the lips right.

After you get the shape right there’s the skin texture and lighting. Unlike the eyes, lips contain a lot of wrinkly textures, and they differ from person to person. Yes, it’s easier if the person has applied some type of glossy lipstick but natural lips have textures and it’s equally important to draw them perfectly. The textures give the lips a natural and realistic look, otherwise.. they would look like plastic. So, it takes almost 5 hrs, for me at least, to completely draw lips of a person as perfectly and realistic as possible.

And I finally completed it today. :)


Still some work to be done, but all at the end when I’m giving the final touches.

Hey! My second photo shoot is done, mostly by myself! But this time it was mainly to see the ponytail on a clean-shaved look.


Not bad I think, but I prefer the beard. Gives a more manly and complete look. My mom actually liked this look but she anyways hates beard so any hairstyle on a clean shave is good for her.

So I haven’t shown this look to anyone except for my best friend and my sisters but I’m planning to upload it on FB as my cover and let people see me for the first time in that look. It will be exciting. Or maybe not. No one would care. But let’s do it anyway.

9:00pm, IST.

Evenings are so sleepy nowadays. I literally fell asleep on the couch for an hour.

Anyways, there’s lots of cleaning going on in my house since we are planning to sell the house and move to a bigger one. We, actually have put our house for sale since the past 4 months but there haven’t been any buyers yet. Mostly because the price was high but hey, we are going to leave all the furniture and go. So, the price is for a well furnished house but still no buyers. We did have a buyer who came to see our house but then they never called after that, which is sad. I really want to move out this house and have a room for myself. Also, due to the demonetization by our great PM, selling and buying of estate has temporarily stopped. In fact even other things because no one has usable money. I wrote a post about demonetization so check it out.

Lot’s of boxes are out with lots of junk in it. Everything’s being cleaned by my mom with little to no help from my dad. Luckily, I sorted out most of my stuffs yesterday, so mom’s work is reduced greatly. But wouldn’t it be great if dad helped a little instead of giving orders. It’s always like this that whenever my mom and me are doing something together, he will have no idea of what and how we are doing but after a while he’ll come and start giving ideas of his own as to how to do things. Even without we asking him for any. And most of the time, we would have already done the way he said, in fact in a better way, but he would have no idea about it. And if we tell him that we already did it in some other way or we don’t want any help, he would get angry. He gets angry every time the other person doesn’t listen to him or has different thoughts. Every time. I hate that.

Anyways, I could go on and on about him but later. I’m all done for today, have no solid work to do, so gonna go play some guitar.

12:00am, IST.

So, I didn’t play my guitar, instead watched Sully. It was good. Tom Hanks was really good as usual. The movie was short, could have stretched a bit.

I also watched the YouTube rewind video and damn it was amazing! I really wished to be a part of it. I know I can’t, I only have one single video on my channel. Yeah, and it’s pretty bad too. Don’t check it out. But I still feel bad or little unlucky that my parents brought me up in the usual ‘Indian Parent’ way because, there was a possibility that I might have been doing something else right now. Might have been famous and rich. But I’ll never know, because I never got to go down that path. Anyways, that’s a big topic for some other day.

It’s past midnight and I have got to sleep or else it will be difficult to wake up early again. My usual waking up time before was around 2-3pm in the afternoon! Now I’m getting up at 8-9 in the morning. That’s like a huge time difference. Talk about body adaptation and routine and stuffs. So, yes it’s a little difficult getting used to waking up so early but I’ve done 5 days so far, and hoping to complete this month and year successfully.

It’s time for me to sign out now. There’s so much I want to say. Everything’s jumbling up in my mind and playing on repeat. But slowly, slowly everything will come out and that day I’ll feel peaceful.

Also, I’m unlinking my main website from the daily blogs. There I’ll be posting other thoughts and stuffs and this free WordPress site will be exclusively for daily blogs.

That’s it for today. Hope you, or anyone who ends up reading this (likely none), have a goodnight or good day, depending where you are. I’ll see you tomorrow.



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