Blog 004: Where I Killed A Lot Of Mosquitoes

8:30am, IST.

Yes! I got up early!

I had a good sleep and got up feeling fresh.. well almost, but it was better than other days. Maybe getting into the habit now. My morning was actually different today. I killed around 20 mosquitoes.

So, there are a lot of mosquitoes in my house. It’s not something new in India but during winters there a LOT of mosquitoes, so much so that no matter how well you close every window and entry point there will still be mosquitoes flying around even after you kill most of them. They just reproduce. Don’t know how or from where but they just keep on coming! I’m happy I at least sleep inside the mosquito net safely, but those who don’t.. it is hell. Trust Me.

So, every morning when I get up, I see all these mosquitoes sitting on the window net. The window with the mesh that’s supposed to keep these insects from entering in the evening, yeah, in the morning it keeps them from escaping out. They are just sitting on it or flying around there, waiting for the window to open and they escape out into the light and re-enter in the evening to give me hell again. To stop that from happening, I just kill them. With my mosquito killing electric racket. Ha Ha.

Now, I don’t believe in hurting anyone but things that do hurt me and probably could kill me, I would probably kill them too. Mosquitoes are one of them. Call it self-defense. I know you would do too.

Well, that’s how my morning started today and would probably be every morning till winter ends.

3:00pm, IST.

I forgot to mention but I got 2 like on my previous day 002 post! Wow! Firstly, I never thought anyone would realize that I exist or my blog exists, and secondly, I never ever thought that anyone would actually read what I write, let alone like it. So thank you to the 2 people for reading and liking my post. Really appreciate it. :)

Sketch update.

I finished her face. Finally. It did take sometime and some rubbing and redrawing but I got the base textures and lighting done.

I seriously need a better camera. (Shot on Moto G 1st Gen)

There’s still a lot to do, lots of finishing touches but the major part is done. She still looks like a ghost or an old woman now because of the lack of black hair, but once that’s done she’ll ‘hopefully’ look good. It’s my first sketch for someone else, someone I’m close to and I don’t wanna mess it up. Hopefully everything turns out good.

7:00pm, IST.

I slept. Again. For 2 hours. But it felt good. Or else I get the constant mild headache, but I feel kinda good.

Lots of, lots of work to do. Need to write at least 2 new articles to publish in the other website and write the dreaded ‘About Me’ page. Damn, I don’t like that page because it’s easy to write about other stuffs than myself. It’s like those interview questions, ‘Tell me something about yourself’. ‘Umm.. Umm.. I am a boy.. I am 25.. I am a Computer Engineer..’. That’s how I be. That is exactly how I answer that question and have answered that question exactly that way in the past. I am dumb. I think I should add that too.

By the way, I did upload my pic with the ponytail and beard as my FB cover and guess what, people seemed to like it. Surprisingly had no surprising comments, or I should say unsurprisingly. But people did like it and I’m happy. :)


So many mosquitoes enter in the evening that it becomes impossible to sit down and work. It’s worst in the night when all the lights are turned off. They just come out of nowhere and keep biting anywhere they find an open skin. Even if your almost fully covered they’ll come and bite you on the hand that’s on the mouse. They just need an open skin and they’ll just sit on it and pierce their long pointy needle like mouth or something into your skin. God I hate them.

Enough of mosquito talk. They will survive even if the world ends so not to waste more time on them.

12:30am, IST.

I finally finished writing my ‘About me’ for both the sites. Phew. Actually it’s the same for both. I hate writing that page but I think I managed to do a decent job. So both my sites will have the traditional ‘About Me’ in the navigation and I request anyone reading this to check it out and tell me how it is. I still haven’t written my articles for the other blog but since I wrote the about page I’ll just do them tomorrow.

Time for me to sign off and get the getting up early streak running.

Have a good day/night. It’s goodnight from me.


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