Blog 006: Where I Made Dosa

10:30am, IST.

Ya, I slept in today.

12:30pm, IST.

I slept again.

3:00pm, IST.

So, my morning was spent sleeping today. Ya, I know my getting up early streak broke but it’s okay, 10:30 is still not bad. The fact that I slept again after that, that is bad. Anyways, I am all alone since morning thanks to a family function my parents had to attend. I got a little me time, time to reflect my thoughts, be with myself and enjoy being a little mad. Also, I had to make my own food. Yay! That’s what I love about being alone, you learn to be self responsible which is a very good thing.

So, the food I made for my lunch is a South Indian dish called a Dosa. It has many varieties and can be made with alms anything I guess. Basically, there’s a batter made from something that I have no idea about, you spread this batter on a hot pan in a round thin shape and comes out a crispy dosa. That’s the plain type where you don’t add anything and just spread the vanilla batter. What I made was an onion dosa, where onions and green chilies are mixed in the batter first and then put on the pan. My mom makes the batter so I have no idea about it either, I just put it on the pan, make it round, put some oil on the sides and top, flip it over till it’s golden brown, and then I enjoy it. :)

Doesn’t look that great, but was tasty.

That was tasty. It seems like an uttapam but it’s basically an onion dosa. Yes it is. Onion Dosa.

7:00pm, IST.

There were 2 articles that I had to write today but something happened to my old and almost on the verge of dying laptop. It suddenly just stopped working properly, my WiFi stop working completely. Even a reboot didn’t help. In fact after clicking shut down, it just stayed on the black screen, still on and running..for at least 15 mins. I hard reset it but still no WiFi and the settings for it always crashed. Couldn’t uninstall or disable the driver and everything was running slower. So, I booted into safe mode, uninstalled the WiFi driver and rebooted in normal mode hoping everything will be fixed. And thankfully they did! Yes, but after an hour working on it.

Things just have a way going bad don’t they? I can’t afford my stuff to go bad or stop working now because I can’t afford a new one. If my laptop or my mobile suddenly stops working, I would have nothing to work with. Hope that doesn’t happen before I buy a new PC and a smartphone.

12:00am, IST.

Finally I upload a new article in my other blog, but there was a frustrating disaster.

I had decided to write 2 articles today but ended up writing just one. The reason being that, I was 4 paragraphs into my first article when suddenly something happens and I lose everything I wrote. Everything. I did recover a single paragraph but that was of no use because I was anyways going to edit that out. I was in such a good flow that I could have easily written 2 more extra paragraphs in just a few minutes, but as life has it, things sometimes go in the opposite direction. So, I had to write the complete article again but this time it wasn’t as effective as it was before. It is a little disappointing because I liked the topic but that’s okay, I at least finished it, and ironically, the topics name is ‘Failure Isn’t An Option But Giving Up Is‘. I didn’t give up, but instead of writing 2 different articles, I ended up writing a single article twice.

Midnight Talk: No Negativity.

Yesterday’s midnight talk contained a lot of negativity, at least for me. I am not a negative person, I’m just in a phase where things aren’t working out as I expect them to. This has happened before too but then I had people to worry about me. Now I have myself. But that’s okay. From now on, I have decided to be positive and look things in a different way. I hated yesterdays negative and sad talk and I don’t want to be in that way anymore. I know it will be really difficult, but there’s nothing one can’t learn. I also know that there will be times where I’ll be sad, angry and frustrated but I’ll try my best to not let it affect me more. I’ll try to be strong and confident and always believe in myself. And also, whatever I am doing in life and will do in the future, I won’t give up easily.

And you shouldn’t too.

Hope you have good day/night. It’s night for me.



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