Blog 007: Where I Do Nothing & Sleep

3:30pm, IST.

Yeah, this is when my day started.

I slept today, a lot. I actually got up at 11:00 but was in a very bad mood that my brain just stopped working. So, I slept again. I know I said yesterday that there will be no negativity and only positive thoughts and attitude but I don’t know what happened in the morning that I just felt like a zombie. My brain wasn’t working. I wasn’t thinking right. I didn’t understand what to do, what work I have for the day. So before things got worst I just lay down on my bed and went to sleep. I did have a good sleep with too many different dreams, but the sleep was worth it. Feeling good now.

12:00am, IST.

I still did nothing except clean my room. I’m going to hit the bed early today, so I’ll end with my midnight talk.

Midnight Talk: Overthinking

Today I didn’t do anything but I did one thing that I shouldn’t have done, overthinking.

Overthinking is bad. It’s much worse than just being sad, because when you’re sad your mood can change but when you overthink, it’s difficult to stop. In fact I’m so overthinking right now that it’s getting difficult for me to even write this. All I want to do is just to go to sleep in the hope that I stop thinking, but I don’t think that will happen. Anyways will have to try.

Overthinking should not be done because it’s pretty useless. Thinking too much is usually about the past or the future events and both are non-existent. The past has already happened and there’s nothing that can change it. On the other hand, the future has not yet happened and is unknown. So the only thing you need to think about is the present, i.e. the current time where you are actually living. It’s the only time you should concentrate on and not think about something that you can’t control. And by concentration I mean focusing on the work you do at that time and not think about future events. Do more think less.

Overthinking can harm you many ways, like causing stress and headaches. It can cause depression and anxiety. The more you think about the things that are non-existent or not in your control, the more you lose control of yourself. So, focus on yourself. Get to know yourself and your strengths and weakness. Use them for the better and stop thinking about the outcome. Stop thinking about other people and their opinions. Clear out negativity and bring in positivity. Live in the now and let the future worry about itself.

So stop thinking and start doing. The more you do, the less you think and the more happy you be.

That’s it for me, time to dream. I know today was really unproductive but it happens. Some days just don’t go the way they should, but no worries, there’s nothing a goodnight sleep can take care of.

See you tomorrow. This is Nad, signing off.



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