Blog 008: Where My Mom & I Have Some Serious Talk

9:30am, IST.

Good morning! It’s a beautiful morning.

I’m feeling fresh today and all those thoughts that were running around in my mind yesterday, are all gone. Fresh morning.. fresh thoughts.. all good. I think it’s going to be a wonderful day.

12:00pm, IST.

So after a week of getting up early in the morning, today I decide to do some warm-up exercises in the morning, just to give my body a boost. It definitely helped! I felt good, less tired and less sleepy. The day’s going good so far. :)

Since it’s my last relaxing day before I start another sketch tomorrow, I don’t want to do too much work today. I know I didn’t do anything yesterday too but today I’m feeling good and happy and wanna just make myself happy. Do things that make me happy. Also I realized that yesterday’s featured image should have been today’s, but it’s okay, I’ll take a better one.

Also, I don’t know if my featured image style is good or not but it’s probably temporary till I buy a new camera or a smartphone and take better pictures. I’m still broke so have no idea how I’m gonna get one, but we’ll figure it out.

3:00pm, IST.

So my day was going good but then I have a serious talk with my mom. No, nothing bad but just a little serious talk but nothing sad. Let’s save that for the midnight talk.

Anyways, I have to write one article today because I miss the deadline of writing two on Sunday and I have to make up for that. Let’s do it!

5:00pm, IST.

I did it! I wrote the article! And I like it! But I don’t know whether it makes sense or not!

OK, calm down. So, ya, I wrote an article which I intended in a different way but it turned to be a little different. I will publish the article after 2 days because I want to give a 4-5 days of gap between consecutive articles. So, if anyone reading this, can follow my other blog, if you’re interested in reading more of my thoughts.

I also want to do tech reviews, but it’s difficult to get the products and to buy them costs money. Anyways, we’ll figure that out too in the future.. hopefully.

9:00pm, IST.


There’s nothing better than hanging out and going shopping with your mom. You be yourself, shamelessly ask for stuffs because you know your mom will give you anyways, and also the non-stop talking where you complain about stuffs. Yeah, that’s what I do with her. It’s not the same with dad because he is more of a practical guy and.. it just doesn’t work.

But I had fun, got some work done like asking the cost of framing my portrait sketches and also samosas. If you’re not Indian, then know that, samosas are one of the tastiest snack in India. Trust me.

Also I bought ‘The Lost Symbol’ as I wanted to end the Robert Langdon series of Dan Brown. I won’t say I love Dan Brown’s novels or his writing but his going is really good and his stories never lose pace. I loved his ‘Angels & Demons’ the most, even more than ‘The Da Vinci Code’ because it was more fast paced and the fact that a 4 hour event was so amazingly written that it felt you could feel the time running out while reading itself.

By the way, my all time favorite book is ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand..

..which I.. lost it…….

12:00am, IST.

I couldn’t eat my samosa because I’m having a bad gum pain near the far back teeth area on the left. It’s been there since 4 days but now it’s less paining. It’s mostly because of the new teeth and probably due cold weather affecting my jaw. Does that happen, or it’s just me every winter? Anyways, it’s super frustrating because I don’t get to eat anything I like!

Midnight Talk: Freedom of life

Basically, my mom doesn’t agree to my thoughts and my way of life. Also basically what I mean is, I’m the type of guy who believes in freedom.. a lot, and I want to experience that freedom.. being alone. Now, I don’t mean I want to be lonely or be cutoff from my family. All I want is, to experience my life just being myself. I want to experience my life on my own, in my own way, making my own mistakes and learning from them, forming my own opinions and experiences, and all this is really difficult when I live with my parents.

Now don’t get me wrong, my parents are not bad, they are great. They are amazing.. but they are extra protective. I know all parents are but there’s a point where you have to let go your child to explore the world on his/her own and it’s difficult for my parents to even think of me doing that. If I say today to my parents that I’ll be going on a trip to, for example the beautiful north-east India, the first response will be a big NO.

I’m 25.

There are people who are younger than me traveling across continents.

But it’s not about traveling or going to new places that I want, I want the freedom to make my own decisions. For example, if I want to buy a new smartphone, I need not explain to my parents as to why I need it. But this only works if your earning and buying from your own money otherwise you really need to beg.

So, now we come to the main topic of the discussion my mom and I were having. The freedom to do things that I want to do and earn money and do other things my own way. I don’t want to just work for money, I want to focus on something I am happy about and keep on doing that. My mom on the other hand tells me to earn money first by doing any job and then use that money to do something you like. Well, it’s not a bad idea but it’s not good either, because that means that I would have to sacrifice more of my life doing something that I don’t like. Also, if I take my mom’s idea, after few years I’ll probably have my own family and then I’ll have an extra responsibility. I don’t see things working out in my favor.

Now, I’m not complaining about anything here or neither am I saying that people who do jobs and live that life are wrong, I’m just saying that I want to try something different, something on my own, work on my own, explore the world on my own and make my own experiences, even if they be bad. I can always go back to a job but I won’t get this time to explore myself.. all by myself later in my life. And that is what my mom is failing to understand.

Only if we weren’t poor and had some decent amount of money then all this would have been easy. Anyways, it’s not her fault. I love her and one of the reasons I want to be rich is so that I can fulfill her dream of going on a world tour. She loves to travel and my dad hardly took her anywhere so all I want is to gift her that. I don’t know how will that happen but, we’ll figure that out.

So that’s it for my midnight rant. The more I write, the more thoughts flow out of my over-analyzing brain, but it’s good. Keeps my head clear. Writing is good but I have to learn to speak in the same way as well if I’m planning to start a YouTube channel. That will happen too.

Hope you have a wonderful day. This is Nad, signing off.



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