Blog 010: Where I Successfully Complete 10 Days Of Daily Writing

11:30am, IST.

WOW! I officially complete 10 days of writing daily! I made it into the double digit! That’s a small achievement!

Yeah, I am happy I wrote for 10 straight days, today being the 10th, but I am also kind of sad because I am failing to understand what I can do in life to get me somewhere.

But more on that later.

So, the guests are still here and probably will be till the wedding in the evening, but my god they talk so much. And I mean SO MUCH. It was constant chatter for a full 24 hours! The only time they were quiet was the time they were sleeping. Wait no.. they were snoring. Yeah, they weren’t quiet at all! My head would have exploded into pieces if they had stayed for even another day.

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad. They are pretty good and we know them for a long time but imagine someone just talking without a break for 24hrs straight. Your ears would definitely bleed. Mine was about too I’m sure. Anyways.. till evening.

7:00pm, IST.

Finally! Solitude.

Everyone’s gone to the wedding and I am all by myself listening to some Coldplay and enjoying my ‘me’ time. It’s wonderful how the mind starts working when you’re left alone without any external disturbance, which includes people too.

I can finally hear my thoughts and I can finally put them down over here.

I actually realized something that isn’t good. I had recently(a month ago) order a pair of relatively costly headphones from a famous website called Massdrop. The headphones cost around $199.99 and MD added another $15 as international shipping charge. Everything’s fine. I don’t mind the shipping charge so I join the drop, which actually ended in an hour because of the huge demand, and I paid through my dad’s credit card.

Now, I don’t like to borrow money and keep it as a debt forever, I like to give it all back. So I calculated the total cost in INR and found a way to pay all back. Everything’s good up till now.

Today, I received a mail from MD that my order was shipped.. through DHL courier service. I was really happy. Very much happy, but then I did some research on international shipping and the import duty and customs and all. And.. I am not happy.

So, it turns out, that I would need to pay extra customs duty for the import of a $200+ product from the US. It may turn out the other way too where I won’t pay anything extra, but right now I’m leaning towards the former happening. Anyways, I thought a few extra won’t hurt much but it turns out the duty cost could be anywhere around $30. Shit.

What that means is, the headphones that are around 14k INR would end being 17-18k INR. Extra 3-4k, which is definitely.. not.. good! I should have canceled it loooooong back. Damn, I feel bad now. I really hope I don’t have to pay the extra but only time would tell.

12:00am, IST.

It’s December and what should be a cold weather, it isn’t. It’s sweating hot here just like summer. The Google weather says 28°C, but it feels like 31. Global warming I say. If you have nothing to blame, blame it on Global Warming.

Anyways, let’s end it with the MT, but before that, I published a new article titled, Create Something New Everyday. Please do check it out.

Midnight Talk: Needs and Wants

So, as I said in the morning that I am happy that I wrote for 10 continuous days and hardly anyone read it, but I’m still happy. I am happy that I stuck to it and I did it, and even thought very few people seem to read it, I do believe that one day thousands would do. Believing is my job, so I’ll focus on that. Whether it happens or not that I can’t say, so why worry right?

Coming back to the topic, I also said that I am not so happy about my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love life.. but I am particularly finding it difficult to find a reason in mine.

I know no one has it all figured out, but at least a few know what they want and do. I’m here still wondering about what I want.. and also what I need.

Like, I want to travel the world with my mom, but I need to do something good. Or do I want to do something good. See what I mean?

All these needs and wants that are running in my head and making me all confused, they are in a way affecting my daily decisions. For example, should I continue spending more time doing sketches or should I start a YouTube channel and dedicate my time to that and keep doing sketches as a hobby. I haven’t still figured it out and I don’t think I will until I get to do both. So, if I get to do both or in fact even more, I’ll slowly realize what are the things that I don’t want to do. That will in a way help me focus on the things that I want to do and I can then focus on that one or two particular things, that I really want to do.

So, all I need to do is try out both.. that’s all I need.

I guess writing sure does help, but yeah, I’ll still need to wait till I get to try both. Till then I’ll do at least one thing that I’m doing right now. Yup, that’s what I’ll do.

Day 010.. day ten.. day binary numbers..figured something out.

Hope you figure something out in your life too.



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