Blog 012: Where I Have A Severe Cold

10:00am, IST.

Back to my early rising!

I’m so happy that I’m getting up early, because I get like 4-5 hours extra in the day. Well, not exactly because now I’m sleeping early, so all the hours that I spent awake in the night I now spend it in the morning. So it’s basically the same, huh. Anyways, I do get a couple of hours extra and that’s helping me a lot in getting my work done, especially drawings. I kinda end my drawings by 3, so after that I am mostly free where I spend it playing the guitar and writing stuffs. Good.. all good.

So let’s do some drawing shall we?

2:00pm, IST.

So.. I didn’t draw anything new but I did do some extra work on the drawing that I did yesterday night.


I am still not happy with it because it feels kinda incomplete, kinda empty. Maybe the hair? Yeah, probably the hair, on the right side. I guess it should be more dark and feel like it merging with the dark background. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do but first I’ll try it on something new and if that works out I’ll modify this drawing.

7:00pm, IST.

Bad.. it’s bad.. really bad. I have a severe cold, along with a strong headache.

So, suddenly out of nowhere my nose starts running(yeah literally) and after a while my head starts feeling heavy. I think it’ll go away but nope, it gets worst and the only thing I could do was get some rest.

God, I hate it when I have the day planned for some productive work and the body effs you up.

But it’s ok, this happens.. this is life.. everything’s gonna be alright. I’m strong.. I’m strong.

So I sleep for almost 3 hrs, wake up around 6 and have nice hot tea. Damn, hot tea feels good. I’m still having cold and my heads kinda good but there’s weakness and my body is feeling tired. Guess I’ll stay home and just write my daily blog and then eat and get a goodnight sleep.

I was to go out in the eve to the frame shop to talk about the frame cost and all but I guess I’ll have to do that tomorrow or the day after.

It’s ok, sometimes things don’t work out as they should.

12:00am, IST.

I’m kinda feeling heavy and I think I should sleep, so as not to stress myself anymore. I already wrote the midnight talk before, so I’m just gonna paste it here.

Midnight Talk: Hope

Yesterday, I wrote about how everything will be alright and I also mentioned that how it’s really difficult to believe in it. It’s human nature not to believe that things will be alright when they clearly aren’t and so today, I want to talk about hope.

Hope is what I believe in the most. Hope is something that makes the world go round. Hope can change a person forever. Hope can create miracles.

Notice how I said hope and not belief even though belief is a much stronger entity than hope. It’s because hope.. it has an element of doubt, whereas belief.. it’s a certain feeling.

Now you may say, then why hope.. it creates doubts, so why have hope when you can have belief.

My answer is, believe in yourself but hope for the result, because part of the result is never in your hands. You can’t control whether something will fail or succeed but you can increase the chances by doing and believing in yourself, and hoping to succeed.

That said, not hoping to succeed, is bound fail.. as is not believing in yourself.

One of my favorite movies of all time, The Shawshank Redemption, depicts wonderfully what hope is.

Always have hope that things will work out no matter how bad the situation. Sometimes it will be the only thing that might keep you alive. Never lose hope, never. Things may not happen now but sometime in the future they will.

I can say all this because I have had situations in my family where things were the worst as they could get. The only thing that brought our family out of the situation was my mom. She was the only person who never lost hope whereas everyone else did. Even after everything she could do to get us out of the rut, there were many situations that seemed impossible. Many situations that could have easily broken a person and make that person give up everything. But my mom didn’t.

And it’s because of that hope that she had, that one day we will have a better life, we are happy today. Yes we may not be rich and earning, but we are good. We are happy. And that is all that matters.

I hope we will have a much better life in the future where I could give her all that she deserves in life. I hope one day.. I would fulfill her dreams.

That is it from me. I hope everyone has an amazing day. Smile, be happy, help one another and make this world a better place. I hope you do.

This is Nad, signing off. Badly need a good sleep.



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