Blog 013: Where I Rest All Day

1:30pm, IST.

I slept for full 12 hrs. Wow. And I’m still a mess. Day 13 is not so good.

So, yesterday I suddenly had a severe cold but unfortunately, even after sleeping for 12 good hours, I still have the cold, I still have a headache and I can’t do any work. Ughh! I hope it goes away in a day or two.

7:00pm, IST.

So after sleeping through most of the day, I did spend some time playing my guitar and it felt really good.

I’m practicing the beautiful song ‘Let Her Go‘ by Passengers and trying to play the amazing and beautiful intro and damn, it’s a tricky one. It’s not a difficult one to play, it may seem difficult at first but the pattern remains mostly the same so it becomes easy after playing a few times. Although playing it the way he plays it in the song, that takes a lot of practice. But I’ll surely play it after a few practice sessions.

I have also decided to spend more time practicing guitar and getting better at it so that I may have something to do that makes me happy. Also, if I ever decide to start a YouTube channel I’ll have something to record too.

Anyways, back to my resting.

12:00am, IST.

Need to sleep early so directly to MT.

Midnight Talk: Give

This 4 letter word has more meaning and depth than any other word in the English language. It is something that goes with everything good in this world but is often ignored by many.

People nowadays are so used to asking and having that they have forgotten what it is to give. They always wish that they had something or someone. It might be a costly electronic product or a friend. But they don’t realize that whatever they have, there are many around the world who can’t even imagine having it for themselves.

You have a soft bed to sleep on but you still want a softer one? There are many who sleep on cold hard floors.

You have a HD television set and need a 4k one? There are many who can’t even afford the old CRT box.

You have an iPhone 6 and want the latest 7 because it takes better selfies? There are many who would become exceptional photographers only if they had a decent camera.

You get my point.

It’s easier to ask because it’s easier to look at the things that we don’t have. It’s easier to compare our lives with people who have so many things but people often forget that people who have everything often have nothing.

So, instead of asking for things that we don’t have, spend more time in giving away to the people who are really in need. You may anyways get what you want in the future but there are some who may never do.

Even things like friendship, everyone wants a great friend but no one wants to be that great friend. Be that friend to others, and trust me, you’ll have one of the best relations with people.

So, spend your time in giving away to other people who are in need. It can be anything from gifts, to some friendly support. And since I believe that life is a full circle, I also believe that the more you give the more you get.

So, give love, give happiness, give a hug, give a Christmas present, give the gift of friendship. Give anything you can but remember, don’t ask for anything in return.

Give is a simple 4 letter word but it is probably the only word that can make this world a better place.

This is Nad, not so well still, but I hope this holiday season everyone shares happiness all around.

That’s it from me.



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