Blog 015: Where I Start Over

12:00pm, IST.

Not exactly the best time to start over but after being sick for 4 days, it’s not that easy, at least for me, to suddenly wake up early. So, forgive me if I got up late today but I am making an effort.

Tomorrow will hopefully be an early day.

4:00pm, IST.

I finally cleaned my desk.

So, my desk was a little mess. Not exactly a mess but things were not in order. There were wires tangled up, books, pens, clips, and various other things that shouldn’t be there. It was not looking good, on my new desk, so I finally cleaned it.

[The one time I didn’t take a pic]

I actually used binder clips to attach all the wires to one side of the table and not get all tangled up in the middle. I removed all unnecessary things like key chains, books, also an Eiffel tower replica, and stuffed everything inside my drawer. Now the only thing that’s on my desk is my laptop, mouse pad and mice, an external hdd, camera and a tripod, a radio alarm, my water bottle, a guitar capo and The Lost Symbol, which I have yet to start.

Hopefully, I do soon.

7:00pm, IST.

I finally start a new drawing.

Yes, I finally start a new drawing, a different type that involves a portrait and the watercolor effect that I tried in the previous drawing. I am not so confident how it’ll turn out to be, but I know exactly how I want it to be.

[The second time I didn’t take a pic]

I anyways couldn’t take a pic because there wasn’t any sunlight and taking a pic under the tube light.. it looks pretty bad. But I am happy with the initial draft and I think it’ll turn out to be the way I want it. fingers crossed

10:00pm, IST.

I finally get out of the house.

So after staying home for almost 2 weeks, I go out today with my mom and my sis, to do some shopping. I also wanted to ask about the framing costs to frame the portrait drawings and it turned out to be costlier than I expected. But it’s okay, I’ll only be framing the drawings that people actually pay for. So I’ll be in profit.

There’s one thing that’s actually bugging me is whether am I pricing my drawings less. If I make 4 commissioned portraits in a month, I’ll still get less than what my first job offered. Now considering the fact that it’s my first time doing pencil drawings almost full-time, I don’t want to increase the pricing but in the future if I plan to do it full-time as a profession, then I really need to reconsider.

Anyways, if I really do a lot of pencil drawings and other art stuffs, I don’t know I might get something good in the future. Once a dreamer, always a dreamer

12:00am, IST.

It was a good day, in a way I started doing things and I’m happy. Tomorrow will probably be a better day, getting up early and finishing most of my drawing. Also, need to get back to workout and practicing my guitar. By the way, I can finally play the intro of Let Her Go, although not that fast, but got the basic pattern down. Only a few more sessions and I’ll be good.

I really, really wish that we sell this house either this month or at least the next month because there are still disturbances and it is really hard to concentrate. Like just now, my dad was shouting about something in the living room and since it’s loud and clear where I am sitting, I zoned out of my writing. I was in the perfect flow and suddenly, I’m out. I had to read the previous para for almost 3 times before I could think of what to write next. I am still out of flow, because there’s still too much disturbance and.. it is quite frustrating. I don’t want to complain much but it’s just that one thing that’s too frustrating for me because, it happens the whole day. The only time the room’s silent is in the night and I don’t want to be up at night. So, it’s really tough to work but hey it’s okay, there are people in much worse situations than I am.

And that’s actually my topic for MT.

Midnight Talk: Less complains

Notice how I didn’t say ‘no complains’ because there are a few things that everyone should complain about, such as rape. But that’s not this topic.

Less complain means to not complain about the things you already have and want it much better. Before, I wrote about give, where you should give away to people who are really in need. This actually goes hand in hand with complaining less, because the lesser you complain the more you appreciate and the more you appreciate, the more you do for others.

Now, I don’t agree that you shouldn’t complain at all. If no one complained then there would not have been such technological advances in various fields. All I am saying is don’t complain when you already have.

If you get food to eat, don’t complain that it doesn’t taste right.

It’s actually funny that I mentioned this example because this is something that I still do. But whenever I do, I remember the people who don’t even get a single proper meal, and I wish I could share mine with them. It doesn’t matter if I starve, but yes I wish to feed the people don’t get a proper meal.

And usually after such a thought and finding no way to give away the food, I end up eating it rather than throwing it away and wasting it. But we do give away to our housemaid who usually can’t afford the pricey foods and her kid enjoys it happily. :)

Anyways, back to the topic.

Don’t complain unless you really need something and even if you do need something or if you think there’s something you don’t like in your life, still.. don’t complain. Rather work towards it. Work hard to get whatever you want in life. There’s two benefits to this:

One – you work hard for something so you appreciate it more when you receive it.
Two – you realize how it feels when someone else doesn’t have it because you too didn’t.

And that’s when you realize the importance of giving.

So everything works for the better when people stop complaining, and that is what the world really needs right now. But yes, there are a few things that need a serious complaining but even for those things I’m pretty sure that if people start working towards it, everything will be alright.

Honestly, while writing today’s MT, I’ve had too many thoughts running around in my head and also the disturbance around the house. So, anyone reading this, forgive me if whatever I’ve written is not in a prefect flow or form but the idea is there. I’m sure of it.

That’s all, time for me to hit the bed.

This is Nad, signing off. Hope you have a great day/night.



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