Blog 016: Where I Get Dream Inception

3:00pm, IST.

Have you ever had around 10 dreams in an hour and few of them being dreams inside dreams, just like Inception?

Well, I have and still do.

So today morning I had my alarm beeping at 8:00am, but I thought, as usual, “let’s sleep a little more”. I do this almost everyday and getup after half an hour or so, but today, as I turned off my alarm and went to sleep, I immediately had a dream. I don’t remember what the dream was but it lasted for around 30 mins, dream time. That’s like 5 mins real-time I guess, according to Inception theory.

After that dream ended, I was awake although not completely but knew I was in the real world. But being in that half conscious state, I started dreaming of something else.. just like that. I knew I didn’t go to sleep completely but I knew I was dreaming too. And it didn’t even take seconds for me to doze off again and get into the dream completely.

This happened for almost 10 consecutive dreams. Yes, 10! And not most of the dreams were different, many were so interconnected with one another that they were just continuation of the previous dream. And, since I was half asleep and half awake, most of the dreams felt as if I was dreaming inside a dream, where I wasn’t fully awake but if I did wake up, I’ll be inside another dream and everything will start again.


After going on a dream roller coaster for, which I think was an hour, my mind and eyes open completely and I’m back to reality with almost no recollection of any of the dreams I had. So, getting back to my senses, I look at the time.

The time is.. 11:00am. I was in the dream coaster for 3 hours.. .. .. .. -_-

It’s not that bad as it sounds. I am used to dreaming and I in fact love to experience dreams and be in that fantasy world. But sometimes things do get out of hand, but it’s a rare experience, one that I don’t hate but I kinda wish I remembered a few of the dreams.

The only dream I seem to remember of today was where I was in the Avengers team. That’s it.

I imagine it was really fun.

7:00pm, IST.

I completed half of my drawing, actually only the time-consuming part. Tomorrow I’ll be messing it up even more. So it’ll either be really good or it’ll be a complete mess.


Imagine all the watercolor effect using charcoal sticks and pencils all around the drawing emphasizing the beautiful features of the face. Yeah, I hope it turns out that way and not turn out be the ghost from The Ring.

Also, my table that I cleaned yesterday.


It might not seem clean right now but it was way messier than this before.

12:00am, IST.

So.. something really big, and good, happened today. I told my mom that I broke up with my girlfriend, 8 months back. I never told my mom that I did breakup, because I wanted the situation to be much better and free and not so stressful as it has been for the past year. So, I was waiting for us to sell this house and move into a new one, and when things finally settle down, I would tell her, but.. she asked today. And knowing her, I told her. I knew she wouldn’t judge me or anything or advice me, but it’s okay, I’m happy now that she knows. Something big that I striked off my checklist today.

Since it’s the topic of love and also the month of love and happiness, today’s MT is..

Midnight Talk: Love

Firstly, I know what love is. I am fortunate enough to have been on both, the giving side and also the receiving side. And trust me when I say this, both the feelings are awesome. To love someone and to be loved, but I actually prefer to love. That’s me.

So, talking about love all I can say is.. it’s not easy. It’s hardwork and definitely from both sides, but it won’t feel as hardwork if it comes automatically.

This topic can go on and on and even though I say that I know what love is, I still don’t feel it’s that simple. It can be just me with that feeling, but to me it does take some amount of work, sacrifice and a lot of patience.

And communication. Ohhhyeeess.. the communication.

See the thing about love is, there are feelings involved and the only way to show your feeling to someone else is, you need to communicate it. You need to be open, you need to be honest, and this is something that is really difficult to many.

I know it’s difficult to be honest and I know it’s difficult to say all your feelings out, but it’s better to let the other person know how you feel than to keep them guessing.

Not communicating effectively can harm a relationship badly. It creates a sense of doubt, and doubt is very bad in a relationship.

So, be open, be honest. Be that trustworthy person and also share all that you feel with that special someone and most importantly respect the other person’s feelings as if they were yours.

Love is simple. It really is. It is also really beautiful.

I hope you and your loved one have a great holiday and no matter who you love, whether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, dog/cat, your kid, your brother/sister.. no matter who you love, Love with all your heart and let them know that you will always be there for them.

Have a lovely day.



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