Blog 019: Where It’s New Year & Sh*t

Happy 2017.. more or less.

2016 is finally over and it’s 3 days since 2017 started. 2016 was probably one of the worst year by far for me, and it’s not because bad things happened(none happened actually). It’s because nothing happened! 2016, felt as if time stood still. It felt as if my life was literally taking a break from moving forward. Except for me leaving my job at the start of the year, there was absolutely nothing that made me say, I did something this year. Nothing. 2016.. was a straight line.

But I’m glad it’s over.

Leaving 2016 behind I really hope to be different this year. Different not as a person but the way I live and do things. I wish to do more of the things that I haven’t been doing. Also start trying out new things which I haven’t done before.

But all said, it never turns out to be the way we decide it to be, right?

Like for example, I had planned write my daily blog everyday. I mean, that’s why it’s called a daily blog, but it’s been over a week since I published day 019. That’s not good. That’s slacking. That is not how I plan to be and that is not how anything gets done. But it still happens and I end up the same way.

So, for the new year, I.. I really don’t want to say it’s my new year’s resolution because I don’t believe in it, as it never works out. But, I am going to give my best in whatever I do. That’s the best I can say now. So, here’s to a better and different 2017!

Now some recap since I didn’t blog for sometime..

Still no headphones but it’s okay, it’ll arrive when it wants to. It was surely frustrating before but now I have made my peace and it doesn’t affect me anymore.

Coming to drawing, that has also taken a little a backseat along with writing but a day or two more and I will be starting a new one. Also, for 2017, I have partially decided to do more of drawings and portrait sketches and better my skills as an artist. It’ll not only help me in the long run but it is also something that I like to do. And by partially I mean that, in the future I may spend less time drawing and focus on many other things, but I’ll surely not stop.

Talking about drawing, there’s a good news. I have finally started an online portfolio on my other website, where I’ll upload my artwork for everyone to see. I do have an Instagram account where I upload all my sketches but an online portfolio always seems professional to me. That will not only help me with my artwork but also anything I do in the future, I’ll have a place to showcase it.

I guess that’s all. There’s nothing new that has happened, except for my sleep schedule which is a complete mess. Also! I started watching The Walking Dead.. finally! I have no idea as to why I didn’t start before, but that’s true for every other popular TV series. I never start a TV series from the pilot episode when it airs for the first time. I always start watching a series when it’s almost mid-season, like 4 seasons deep. I then binge watch till I catch up to the latest episode and then wait like everybody else for the new season to come out. This has happened with GoT, The Walking Dead and Friends. Well, Friends was already over when I started watching it so I binge watched all 10 seasons.. twice.. Still my favorite TV show.

New Year! Same Me! No Party!

I usually don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve so there was nothing special on that day, except for pizza. I’m not the party kind of guy and I usually like to keep it low. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have fun or go crazy. It’s just that my idea of fun is doing something that I have never done before. So I would prefer doing something new over partying, any day .

That said, I hope everyone had a great new year. I also hope that 2016 was better for everyone than what it was for me. And I also wish everyone a great new year ahead. It’s a new beginning, a new chapter in life. Don’t be the same, do something worth remembering.

Every new year is a blank canvas waiting for you to create something beautiful.

This is Nad, signing off.



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