Blog 022: Where I Finally Get My Headphones!

Also, Trump now rules America…


So, after more than almost 2 months of purchasing the headphones from Massdrop, I finally receive them 2 days back! And the best part is, even though I was charged customs for it, it was way less than what I had expected. Basically I got the headphones at almost 50% than the original price. That’s a steal!

About the sound.. they are amazing! The instruments are so clear and everything sounds so natural that I actually forgot what my previous earphones sound like. These headphones actually need a DAC/AMP combo to play them at their full potential but even without them they sound phenomenal.

The only concern is the fit on my head. It’s a little tighter than what I was expecting but more than that, it’s the earpads that surround the ears completely are causing a little discomfort. Now, I have always used earphones, the in-ear types, all my life, so I am not at all used to big headphones. So, it may be either after using them for a few weeks I may get used to them and they feel comfortable or I may be wearing them wrong. I don’t know but I guess time will tell.

Other updates:

Things are going fine. Really fine. I just finished my new portrait sketch today finally, which I started almost 6 days back. Thanks to me being sleepy and lazy and also my headphones, which I spent whole day listening to, my work got delayed. But it’s ok, I finished it and now I can move forward. Moving forward is the key.

The only thing to work on now is my sleep cycle. It’s really messed up.

I slept till 5pm today.. Yeah..

It is really difficult for me get up in the morning and no, not because I am sleepy. I mean, I am sleepy but I still can get up, always have, but it’s I think it’s because I know my mornings will not be peaceful.

You know how peaceful mornings are really important? It is really important to get up and organize your thoughts before you start work. It is really important to spend some time with yourself before you even have breakfast. This is the kind of morning I would love to have but it’s almost impossible because the day in my house starts early and there’s disturbance everywhere. And that makes me to not get up. I know that’s bad but I’m working on it.

There are many more things I want to talk about and write about. There are many more things that are running inside my head but whenever I think of coming out with them, something stops me. I don’t know what. Maybe the idea that they are too personal and sad? There are many things happening around me I want to complain about, sometimes even scream, but I can’t. Things about how people are, how they treat others, how their thought process is and how people prioritize the wrong people. Everything is related to the people in my family and relatives and talking about them is like giving away family secrets. But I want to talk, I want to say that they are wrong. I guess I’ll have to wait for when the time is right.

Till then, hoping for the best preparing for the worst.

This is Nad, signing off. Have a great day.



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