Blog 023: Where It Was My Birthday

I was born on January 28, 1992.. I became 25 on Saturday..

So it was my birthday on Saturday where I completed a full 25 years! Full 25 years of being alive! But I didn’t celebrate..

One of the reasons I didn’t celebrate my birthday was because of my grandmother passing away this month. It just didn’t feel right to have a celebration – a celebration of life after an acceptance of death.

Just last year, the same time, my grandmother couldn’t remember the date of my birthday. So she called me a couple of times 2-3 weeks before the actual date because she thought it was my birthday. Funny as it sounds, it was really touching to know that she actually cared to remember and call to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’. After telling her the actual date, she still called a week before my birthday and wished me saying that.. ‘I may not remember your birthday, so this is my Happy Birthday’.

Tears came to my eyes even while writing this..

I am anyways not a fan of celebrating birthdays, not because it shouldn’t be celebrated but I actually don’t prefer the way birthdays are celebrated. I mean, a cake and a party is all good but only for one time. If you really want to celebrate something then do something that you have never done before and something that you will always remember. After all, you came into this world on that day, that itself is one big achievement. But that’s my opinion. :)

So gifts. If it’s a birthday then there will obviously be gifts, right? Yes, so I did get a couple of gifts, one from my best friend and one from my dad. Everyone else just gsve me money, which I actually prefer!(more on that later). My best friend gave me a very surprising yet a wonderful and a much needed thing. Better quality sketching pencils and charcoal pencils! That actually saved me a 1000 bucks! Thank you and god bless her.


My dad on the other hand gave me a painting that he made on a canvas using acrylic paints. And no, it’s not mine. It’s actually a portrait painting of one of my favorite Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone. I know it’s sounds weird giving someone a portrait painting of someone else that he/she is a fan of, but it’s the same as gifting a poster of that person, but only hand-made. And honestly, it’s really beautiful and I was really happy. It’s one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life till now. Thank you and god bless my dad.

The painting’s not yet complete so I’ll post when it’s complete. :)

Now for the money gifts. I don’t know how many people prefer money over actual gifts but I do. The reason is that, I always have things that I want to buy and many a times these things are costly for just one person to gift me. So, people giving me cash instead of gifts helps me collect for the thing I really need, which to me makes sense than receiving something that I actually have no use of. And it’s not that I want to buy things just for fun, I actually need it.

For example, right now I am collecting cash for a decent smartphone that has a decent camera that can take decent photos of my drawings and also for travel photography, like the Oneplus 3T. So, this cash gift has helped me collect around 50% of the phone cost. And now I can actually think of buying one. Win-Win situation. ;)

So that was my birthday, or not. But I am happy not celebrating this year and I am hoping that I do it next year and actually have a good reason to do it. Really looking forward to turning this year around, do things that I haven’t yet, travel more and more importantly, overcome my anxiety. That’s one of the things that still stops me from living my life to the fullest but I won’t let it this year.

This year is going to be different.

Hope you all have a wonderful year. 11 more months to go, do make it count. Don’t wait for opportunities and let life pass by. Create your own opportunities and live life the way you want. Love yourself and others. :)

This is Nad, signing off. Until next time.



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