Blog 024: Where I Go Travelling With Dad

Two days back I went out with my dad to Bombay or Mumbai. I live in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) which is basically an extension of Mumbai. Mumbai is an island that’s a bridge away from the mainland, and Navi Mumbai is located on the mainland. Navi Mumbai was developed because of the growing population in Mumbai and lack of space. So my city, Navi Mumbai, is a planned development and so theoretically is new and Mumbai on the other hand is a very old place. Hence it’s one the biggest cities in India. It’s actually the heart of India, according to many.

Mumbai has everything, even the whole of Bollywood. It’s where the movies are made. It’s where the stars live. It’s the hub of everything and everyone. So, if you’re planning a visit to India, don’t miss Mumbai. It’s the city of dreams.

Also, Marine Drive.


I went to the city to give my guitar for repair. It’s been a year and a half, almost, since it was broken and I finally decided to take it this time. The bridge of the guitar has been coming out of the body and the tension of the strings pull it apart more and more. Anymore tuning would eventually make it snap. So, it needed fixing or it’ll be unplayable for the rest of the life.

I took it to the store from where I originally bought it and told the guy in charge that it needs fixing. The guy looks at it and figures out that the saddle on the bridge is also broken and I would need a new bridge, which, apparently, they don’t have. So, he tells me to go to a place where there’s a guy who could fix it.

That place is completely at the opposite end of the city.

Now I didn’t mind going there but the problem is travelling. It takes 50 mins by train from my house to reach the place where I currently am, the store from where I bought the guitar. But considering carrying a big guitar on the ‘Mumbai Local’, that’s what I wasn’t ready for. If you don’t know what Mumbai local looks like, I suggest doing a Google image search.

So rather than taking my guitar and travelling around Mumbai and then taking it back home on the local and then again to the new repair place, I decided that I would rather risk bending the saddle and try to fix that myself. So, I gave my guitar to fix the broken bridge and the guy took it reluctantly. I guess it’s time for me to buy a new guitar.

After giving up my guitar, my dad and me visit an art store near the railway station. Damn that store was amazing. It had almost all major brand’s art supplies and so many. I could have literally bought everything from there, but I eventually ended up buying just a sketch book. The funny thing is, I did buy a new sketch book 2 days prior to that, which was really cheap, but this one.. it costs a 0 extra. Yeah, it’s almost 10 times more but so is the quality. I can’t wait to draw on it.

We finish our travel and go back home by eve. It felt really good going out and enjoying the city. It’s been a long time since I did that. Since I left my job I haven’t been going out much, actually not at all because travelling means transportation and transportation requires money. And I don’t have much. But it felt good, really good. So, I’ve decided to go out more and more, little by little. Money will come by, some way or the other but not moments.

Hope you live every moment in your life and not worry about things like money. Money comes and goes, but you only got one life. Live it to the fullest.

That was my day and I hope you have a wonderful one too.

This is Nad, signing off.



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