Blog 025: Where Things Happen Suddenly Part 1

My last post was on Feb 4th, and since then there have been a series of events, a few of which happened one after the other.

If you are one of the few who have been following my life through my blog, then you might know that my life was in somewhat a standstill after I left my job. I hadn’t had much stuff that I could actually do that I wanted to do and neither the skill set to actually go through it.

But things changed past week..

So, I had my birthday last month and as I said in my previous post that people give me money as a gift rather than an actual gift. So, I did earn some nice cash. ;)

Thanks to everyone who gave me the ‘money gift’ and also the money I received through the commissioned drawing that I did for my friend, I actually could think of buying something that could give my life some motion, and also in the right direction. So, one of the things that I bought was a digital keyboard. Yeah, an actual musical keyboard.

Here’s the thing, I love music. More than I could write it in words. Call it my bad luck or destiny that I didn’t get to choose music as my career option instead of engineering, I still have the same love and passion for music as I had 15yrs back. So, I was determined that if I left my job I would give my full-time to learning instruments and composing music.

I already own 2 guitars, one that my dad bought for me and the other is someone else’s who didn’t want it. But both are pure acoustic. Hence, I can’t record them since I need a mic for it, and that’s not an option currently. And also, composing music is limited when it comes to just one acoustic instrument. So, comes in the digital keyboard.


I really love how it looks! I know it’s incomparable to full size pianos and digital pianos and workstations, but to me, this is great. Even though it’s a budget board, it has more than enough features to get me started!

It has all the voices, various instruments, styles and all the features to actually play a song. Also, I can directly connect it to my laptop and record and edit! Finally, I can start doing what I always wanted to do. I can create music!

Of course I still need to learn it first, but I’m getting there as well. :D

So that’s one thing that happened, which is very huge for me.

The other thing is my guitar, that I had given for repair. Yeah, I got it back.

So, now I not only have a keyboard that I have to learn, but also a guitar that I still need to learn and play more. All this, in addition to my drawings that I still need to do.

One more thing to mention is that, the keyboard that I bought was bought on monthly installments because I couldn’t pay the complete amount, but I can pay the installments and earn more in the future to complete it. So, I still need to draw so that in a way I can earn something to pay of the installments and support myself in doing what I love. Also, hopefully, in the future, someone or the other would support me too. Hopefully. :)

I don’t lose hope easily, and I’m not ready to do so any time soon. :)

That’s all for part 1. There’s more in part 2 that add to my growing list of things that I want to do. So stay tuned for it.

Till then.. this is Nad, signing off.

Hope you do what you love and find happiness in it.



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