Blog 026: Where Things Happen Suddenly Part 2

So as written in the previous post, there were a few things that pushed my life a little forward, but things didn’t stop there. As written a couple of times in more previous posts, that I wanted a decent camera for photography and videography, well guess what.. I did buy a new smartphone with a decent enough camera!

Right after I bought my new digital keyboard, I booked a brand new OnePlus 3T. Now, I did want a new smartphone but was confused as to what to buy because of the budget I had. So after all the options I decided on the 3T but it had one other problem. The 128GB version wasn’t available at that time and it was either waiting for it or buying the 64GB. But luckily, thanks to OnePlus, the 128GB was back in stock and my decision of buying it was almost in place. So as soon as it was back in stock, I bought it.


Now, I not only have a keyboard through which I could move my dream of music forward, I also have a smartphone with a decent camera that’ll help me with my photos and videos. Adding to that, there’s drawing and also blogging, which too are somewhat time-consuming. So, in a short amount of time, I actually have a lot of things that I can do right now, and I just have 24hrs a day. It’s really gonna be fun.

Life surely has a way of making funny jokes. There was a time when I actually didn’t have anything to do but now I have more than I could think of, and probably handle. It’s like life telling me..

Here you go, have everything you want. Now go do something with it.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to do or I am not ready for it but it’s going to be challenging but exciting. It’s probably going to take all of me and a lot of hardwork and perseverance to do something successful and something that I’ll be happy with.

Life is not fair you might say, but I love life. It has way of giving you things and opportunities but only when you need it. It depends on you whether you use that opportunity or just let it go. I guess I have mine now, might as well give everything I have.

It’s probably after a long time that I bought things that are a tad costlier than I would actually buy and I still didn’t have the complete amount to pay. But this does give me a reason to do something and earn through my own hardwork. Hopefully everything works out positive.

Till then, hope everyone has a great weekend. This is Nad, signing off.



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