Blog 027: Where I Finally Deliver My First Commissioned Drawing

A couple of months back I had done a drawing of my best friend as her birthday gift. It was my first commission work and even though I told her not to pay for it, she, being the stubborn type, didn’t want it for free. So, after receiving half the payment (because I insisted she pay only half), framing the portrait and keeping it at my place for over a month, it finally got delivered to its rightful owner.


To be honest, it really, really does look good in that frame. Owing to that fact, it was just my 3rd portrait sketch of a person and also with not so good quality pencils and paper, it still looked good after being framed. The black border with the white mount around the pale white yellowish paper really made the portrait stand out. Also, since the drawing wasn’t covering full-page and had good breathing space around it, it stood out even more.

I’m happy with it and she was too.

Now since she doesn’t live close by and I would have to travel in the ‘Mumbai Local’ to deliver it to her, I needed to pack it really good. So after searching and shopping, I got a few meters of bubble wrap and some thermocol for the glass. I actually wanted foam padding since it seems safer than thermocol, which can break on impact, but unfortunately couldn’t find one in any of the local stores. So, thermocol it was then.

Note: Thermocol is polystyrene, but here everyone generally calls it as thermocol.

So, first I cut the large sheet of thermocol into 2 pieces, one for the front glass, the other for the back as an extra protection. Then I stuck the back piece with some cello tape (scotch tape), cleaned the front glass with some wet paper, put a piece of newspaper on it and then covered it with the other piece of thermocol. At the end, wrapped the whole thing with dual layer of bubble wrap and made sure everything was tightly sealed. Pretty solid packaging I say.

Then I put that package into a custom cut cardboard box that I received while buying the keyboard stand. It was flat and long, which was an advantage. So I cut it to the approx length of the frame, leaving some extra room for packing. And guess what, the frame with all that packing fir perfectly into that box in every way. I could have never been more happy.


Finally I took it all the way to where she worked and delivered it to her in hand. She happy, me happy.

The reason I invested so much time into packing it right is because it was the first time I drew for someone else and the first time I got to deliver it framed. And also the fact that I had intended it as a birthday gift to her, so in a way I packed it as I would a birthday gift. Only if I had some gift wrapping paper, but I’m happy I didn’t.

The problem with doing so much packing was my dad. He was constantly asking me why I was putting so much effort and time into it, when I could have just given it as it is. Even after telling him that I wanted to do it, and it was my first time so I wanted it to be good, he didn’t agree. He still kept on asking and I had to give different answers every time just to satisfy him. Until I had to forcefully tell him to stop asking questions and let me do what I wanted to do. I mean, why can’t just people let others do what they want to do, why ask so many questions and inputs and advice when not at all asked for. Ask once, but then leave the hell alone.

Anyways, I was really happy with everything and the fact that my friend loved the framed portrait and also happy seeing the way I packed it.

So now the framed portrait being with the rightful owner, hangs in her bedroom nicely. Happy me. :)

I hope I get to do more commission work like this in the future, but since I’m just starting out I guess it’ll take some time and hardwork.

Hardwork it is, the path to success.

One day I’ll be successful, till then.. this is Nad, signing off. Hope anyone who reads this has an amazing day. Spread love and happiness.



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