Blog 028: Where Time Is A Rare Entity

My previous post was on March 1st, that’s 15 days back! Since then I have been stuck up with so many things that when I get up in the morning I have no idea how I should start my day. Mornings are like zombies, dead but still alive.

Talking about getting up, my sleep cycle has become miserable. The time I go to bed, the time I get up, the total time I sleep is just haywire. No matter when I hit the bed, I fall asleep only after 4. It’s like the ‘shubh muharat’ for my sleep to come in. And waking up on the other hand has become one of the most difficult tasks of the year. I need minimum 10hrs of sleep or I’ll be drowsy all day. So, basically my day starts at lunch and ends when the birds getup. But it’s okay, I have got everything under control. (Yeah right)

So what is all this work that has made me go crazy? Well, since I’ve bought a digital keyboard and a new smartphone, I have got several things to do throughout the day, like learning to play the keyboard, photography from my new shiny phone, my usual pencil sketches, writing reviews on my other blog, maintaining my website and other social channels, socializing in real life, eating, sleeping, bathing, and various other things that one does through the day. I know it doesn’t seem much but considering the fact that I spend around 3-4 hrs doing my pencil sketch and couple of hours in reviews, blog posts and music, things then start cramming up. Even developing a RAW photograph can take up to an hour for me, thanks to slight lack of knowledge.

If I were to cut time somewhere to give myself more time then it would be in the blogging and drawing section, but that’s just based on practice and how much better I get every time. It might seem like I’m complaining about the things that I myself chose to do but I’m not. I’m happy I have my day filled with things I love to do but yes I am a little worried about the returns of my work. No, I don’t believe in failure and know that if you truly work hard you will succeed, but it’s the time that’s what I am worried about.

As I have written in the previous posts that financially we are struggling and any sort of income would be like a blessing, we are still waiting for it. You can blame me for leaving my job and ending up in this situation, but trust me, if I had continued my job, I would have been in a worse situation. So I am happy where I am now, how I am but yes would really, really love some sort of small income.

So for any one reading this, I draw and work hard at it. I do different other stuffs too but if you love my drawings and appreciate what I do please consider supporting me on Patreon. Every penny counts and would help in a big way.

Sorry about the support plea, but I couldn’t help it. Anyways, like always I have again decided to write my daily blogs everyday, hopefully I do that this time.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off. Hope you have an amazing day.


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