Blog 029: Where I Talk About Being Famous

I had a very slow day today. Not much was done today but still a few things were completed which I’m happy about.

Firstly, I uploaded all my drawings to my G+ profile which you can check out through the social links down below (or up). Then I finally started playing some music on my keyboard and guitar which I’m super happy about because starting something is more important no matter if it’s bad or good. So, starting to play music and to learn new songs puts me in the groove of playing everyday, which in turn would help me in creating my own.

Right now I have no problem in creating my own music. I have all the necessary tools and equipment, even though I would love a mic to record my guitar, but more than enough things to start a decent fresh composition. But the problem isn’t time or knowledge (or lack of) or skills, the problem is.. What do I start with? As it is with every creative thing in this world, 2+2 is not equal to 4. Creativity is not mathematics, but mathematics is creative. So, when it comes to creating something out of the blue, let that be art or music or even literature, you can’t just apply a formula and expect the correct result. It just doesn’t work that way. Yes, there are many who do that but they aren’t at the top are they?

Creativity is not mathematics, but mathematics is creative.

And then there’s something called ‘creating something that sells’. You know like where people create art that other people buy. Yes that. That’s good for making money, in fact I would encourage anyone who wants to make money to just do that. No matter what field you are in you can always create something that sells, and you’d probably become rich. But.. I don’t like that, because except for money, there’s not much in it. You will be doing the same things that others are doing and you won’t have any type self-identity. I like to create my self identity. I love to create my self identity. I love it when people identify my work. And that’s always has been the case since I was a kid.

I love to be famous and I want to be famous. I was in fact famous on the day I was born. Well, how can a newborn not be famous when he decides to come out of his momma at 3:00am in the morning, when the entire hospital is asleep, and then waking the hell up whoever is in the hospital with a non-stop high volume crying until he was fed. That is how my mother describes it every time, and also the fact that I was born a healthy 4kg baby. By morning, every nurse and doctor knew there was a 4kg baby born somewhere in the hospital. Every nurse came to see me throughout the day and my mom even said that, the nurses told her that there’s something different about this child. There’s a certain glow to him, like a miracle kid or something. I don’t know about all the miracle stuff but yeah, I like to hear the story every time my mom tells me and believe that I am the miracle. Makes me happy in some way.

From then whatever field I went into, I was famous some way or other. Some more famous, some less, but I surely was. I became the youngest chess player to be the city’s chess champion. I had my photos on the newspaper, and not some any local newspaper(that too) but on the main newspaper. No one in my family has had their photo, article or even a name printed on the newspaper by some journalist, except for me, and at the age of 4. That’s one of the achievements I am really proud of and I also have all the paper cuttings safely stored with me. I was also given an offer on a TV series as a kid, and made to sing on All India Radio. But being the extremely shy kid that I was, I did none of it. Or else I would have probably be an actor by now, or in that field at least.

Anyways, after that I was famous in school as the ‘Chess Master’, and also for drawing and studies. I always had good grades and my cousins always tried to compete with me, but they didn’t know that the good grades were because I was forced to study, as is with almost every middle class Indian kid right now. After school, I was famous in a small way for hanging out with a girl and then going on to dating her and being in a committed relationship (not anymore). And later in college I was famous for being the lead designer and having a cute and fair girl as my best friend (who is still my best friend). And now, I am famous as the guy who studied computer engineering for 4 years, who had a decent job offer in India’s one of the biggest IT companies, and also who has great technical and coding skills, is right now, sitting at home, doing no job at all. Instead spends his time drawing portraits of people and playing musical instruments. In short, jobless.

Frankly speaking, I love this life. Like I said in the previous post, if had taken the normal route like everybody does, I would have probably ended up where I am now. There’s no way that I can stay away from the life I am living now or the things that I am doing now. So, I have zero regrets and really don’t care what people think about me. But yeah, it’s actually cool to be famous for such things even if amongst a small group of people like a family. The bigger famous i.e. being famous around the world, that’ll take time but I am pretty confident I would one day. I have no effin idea how, but I will.

I also have no idea what this post was about and frankly speaking had no clue what I was gonna write when I started it. But I guess sometimes writing about myself, my life and thoughts is a good way to remove the clutter from my mind. There’s still so many things I can say and so many things that can still happen in my life that I can talk about, but… one day at a time.

Till then, live your life one day at time, enjoy every moment of it and appreciate the life you have, no matter how small or big it is because there will always be someone who would love to live your life.

That’s all from me, this is Nad, signing off.


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