Blog 030: Where I Just Troubleshoot Everything

Today was not good. I woke up at 4pm. Yeah. How can a day be good when you get up when it’s almost over.

Apart from being a sleeping beauty..err, handsome, my day wasn’t at all great in terms of productivity. You know when you decide to do something and are all geared up and ready to go to town, but then things don’t exactly work out the way you planned and you end up fixing other things. That’s exactly what happened. Today I decided to finally record some tracks with my digital keyboard onto my laptop using some free software. I thought it’ll be quite simple as shown in the tutorial videos, where you just connect a MIDI device and hit record on the track and then, just play some music. That’s it. Simple. Or so as I thought.

The first road block I hit was, my laptop changed my recording and playback device, both, as my digital keyboard. Not only the input device was my keyboard, even the output was my keyboard. So, whenever I play a key on my keyboard, I can hear the same key played back from the software on my keyboard. Every key played is played back, like a loop feedback. Not only this was frustrating but while playing a tune, it was always played twice and that made it difficult to concentrate on what I was playing and whether I was playing it right or wrong. But luckily while recording the same thing, the software only recorded a single sound, so that was a plus. So, I turned off the output device while recording, did some test recording and then while playback, turned on the output device and could successfully hear my recording through my keyboard. Yes, some success finally, even if in a workaround way.

Next obstacle I faced was recording the correct instrument sound. See, the way MIDI works, as far as I know, is it records MIDI information and not the actual sound of the instrument. When you record a tune, it’ll playback in the pre-recorded MIDI sound the software has and that is the piano. So, I had to record it in an instrument track, although with some changes in the settings, which was successful, but only partly.. I couldn’t playback the recorded sound, as I did with the MIDI sound. No matter what I tried, it couldn’t play it back through the USB connected keyboard and neither through the laptop speaker, but it had no problem playing it through the headphones connected to the headphone jack. I mean.. that’s just weird. I have no idea how to workaround this one. Sigh..

All this troubleshooting took around 3hrs and it was 8:00pm just like that. No actual work done at all. All that time was spent just making things work, which was not even completely successful. By now I had no mood at all of trying anything new and I just shut everything down and went on to my other pending work.

I hate it when I spend time doing something else instead of the actual work and most of the time this happens because of lack of proper knowledge. I do have tutorials that show exactly how to do things but in reality it’s rarely that things work out smoothly. Now, this kind of troubleshooting was all fine before when I was in a learning phase. I learned a lot by troubleshooting stuffs. In fact I learned all about the computer just by fixing things myself. But right now, I need things that’ll work out the box with minimum troubleshooting, because right now my work requires more time than I can give it and spending time somewhere else, that’s totally unnecessary, is highly unproductive. Not only does it affect my productivity but also I end up giving less time to other things, like spending time with my family and friends. Anyways..

I could have written today’s blog way earlier than I am writing now. It’s actually around 2:30am right now over here in India. I could have finished this post by 12:00am but thanks to things not working the way they were supposed to, I’m here late night finishing my blog number 30, while listening to some good old Eminem rap (don’t judge me).

Also, a couple of things I realized about my daily blogs is that, even if I write every night, if the system time crosses 12:00, my post published date changes to the next day. This might not be a problem for the people in the west but over here it shows as if I have skipped a day of writing. I find that weird but the main question is, who reads my blog anyway right? The other thing I noticed or rather want to point out, is the way I write my daily blog posts. If I were to submit this post to a literature competition, I would win the prize of an article written in the worst way. I’d probably be happy with that too. But, yeah, I write in the way I speak and not in a way that articles are supposed to be written, and I think that, it’s better to write this way. Keeps it original and real.

Anyways, as always, this post is also a rant but, that’s how I am sometimes.

I guess I’ll just go to sleep now before I rant about something else.

This is Nad, signing off. Hope everyone in the east has a good night sleep and everyone in the west has an amazing day.


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