Blog 031: Where My Headphone Gets A Photo Shoot

You know a day is good when all you do is take pictures.

Good night to who ever is reading my rant number 31! Wait, good night? Am I going to sleep? No. Then good night? Why does good night sound like a good-bye? Weird. I have always wondered this my whole life. When people meet in the morning they say good morning and carry on with their conversation. On the other hand when people meet in the afternoon or evening they say good afternoon and good evening respectively and then carry on with their conversation. But what if two people meet in the night, do they say good night and carry on with their conversation? Well, I’ve never seen anyone do that. I mean why is good night always said before going to bed? Imagine two people meeting in the middle of the night and having a conversation with good night:

Jack: Good night Jill.

Jill: Good night Jack. How was your day?

Jack: It was great Jill, how was yours?

Jill: It was tiring as hell. All I want to do right now is just fall on my bed and have a good night’s sleep.

Jack: I’ll probably hit the bed too. Hope you have a nice sleep.

Jill: Yeah, me too. Good night Jack.

Jack: Good night Jill.

That doesn’t sound weird.. right? (I probably shouldn’t be allowed to write skits)

Leaving my terrible skills of writing and my weird curiosity on greetings aside, let’s just get back to my day.

I have a pair of headphones that I bought a couple of months ago, which I even highlighted in my previous posts, which are my first high-end pair. So, I decided to review them. It’ll be my first ever review of a tech related to audio and I have to say, reviewing audio gear is difficult. It is so subjective that even if I said these headphones are amazing, there will be people who would have a completely different taste. But I figured out that it mostly depends on the type of music one listens to. Considering the fact that people still buy Beats (seriously?), it’s not difficult to come to the conclusion that people love bass and that’s why most of the pop songs have an adequate amount of bass in them. I have to say I am not a big fan of bass heavy songs or headphones, but lack of it does make everything sound trash. So, I’m more than happy to own the Sennheiser HD6xx(HD650) which has an amazing balance of lows and mids and the clarity you get through Sennheiser’s headphones is just pure heaven. To know more about it you can read the full review on my other blog, probably tomorrow.

So, all the photo shoot I did today was of these headphones. I had an amazing time doing the product photo shoot that I clicked more than I required. Even though I don’t have a decent camera and a stand, I loved taking photos in various ways that the only thing that stopped me today was the sunlight. Shooting after sunset is really, really bad and all the photos that I take, suck. So I take as many pics, in all the different directions and possibilities as I can, before the sun sets. Today’s photo shoot was ended up being around 50 pics, which is kinda less and I really hoped to take more but lack of proper location setting limits the amount of creativity I can add in a photograph. And that’s probably the one thing I wish had, more location settings. I would love to photograph things outdoors more, like tech mixed with nature. For example, headphones hanging from a tree branch. Yeah, that would have been wicked.

But it’s okay, you got to make do with what you have in the best way possible and hope to achieve success one day doing what you love. I had a great time today clicking photos. I love photography and it’s one of my lesser but pretty strong passion after music. I did want to be a travel and wildlife photographer but never had a proper opportunity and neither a decent camera. But still I try to do the best I can and I’m pretty much happy with myself.

I hope you are happy with yourself and enjoying a beautiful life. If not, don’t worry, God always has a plan.

This is Nad, signing off.

Goodnight. (I mean the sleeping one)

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