Blog 032: Where I Hate School

Today’s rant’s gonna be short. No, not because I don’t want to speak nonsense like everyday, but today I’m just tired that’s all. I did have a productive day in terms of work. Published the review of my headphones in my other blog, the link which can be found on the sidebar widget and that’s pretty much it.

Thinking about my reviews, I am very happy about the way I write them. I know I’m not one of those professionals but I think I do give a pretty solid opinion of what I think about the thing I am reviewing and also some tips or advice on some improvements. So anyone reading this, please give my reviews a read and if you are a developer or a manufacturer of some tech product and need a free review, hit me up. Sorry for the self promotion but a man’s got to do what he’s got to do to get noticed in the digital world.

Apart from the review I spent rest of the day actually developing the images that I did a photo shoot of yesterday and color grading them for the post. I am not so sure I’m that happy with the result, but it has to do for now. I’ll learn the more I do, so it’s okay.

Apart from that there’s nothing more that I did today. Thanks to me getting up at 4, I don’t really get ample of time to get stuff done. So that’s why this post’s going to be short so that I can sleep early and hopefully get up early.

I’ll actually award myself if I ever get up at like 5 and go for a walk or run because that would be a big milestone for me. Especially if I did it for 20 straight days. Now, I have gotten up at around 8 and have gone for walks, but that didn’t last long. In fact when I was a kid, my friends and I would get up early in the morning just to get out and play during our school summer vacations and we did this till either the school started or the monsoon. And Summer vacation lasts more than a month. So yeah, I did get up that early for a month just to go out and play.

Anyways, here in India, school and monsoon start approximately​ at the same time. Imagine going to your first day of school in a new class on a rainy day. That’s like the saddest day of life, at least for me. I hated school very much. To me it was a place not to get smart but to get dumb. And to add to my misery, the rains. Don’t get me wrong, the Mumbai Monsoon is amazing. It cools off the temperature after the hot Summers and you can actually enjoy the rains here in Mumbai in a different way. But going to school, that too early in the morning at 7, no frickin way. I did hate school.

There’s so many things I can talk about my life in school. It actually defined my character and my personality and probably still is the core of me, but I think I’ll just break it out down into various posts as I keep writing. So I guess that’s all for this short school rant. Hope to write more about my life as a kid and also the amazing time and friends I had in college.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off.


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