Blog 035: Where Video Games Matter

Today was a very slow day. Still working on the portrait sketch. Still a long way to go.

It’s Friday, that means the weekend’s here! As if it really matters to me. I am home all the time anyway, but it does matter in some way as my friends have a holiday and I get to talk to them and all. So weekends are good. By the way, it’s been a long time meeting my friends and they are probably going to kill me if I didn’t meet them. I did meet my best friend last month but my other friends, damn it’s been a long time. It is all my fault, I agree, but it has been somewhat a difficult time for me to go out. Not that I can’t, it’s just that I’ve had too much in my mind and going out also usually means spending money, which I have tried not to do yet. But still, I am in constant touch with my friends and talk to them as much as I can. I love my friends and it would be a heartbreak if I ever lose them.

So, my day. Not much. Just drawing. Oh yeah, there was another interested person who wanted to see our house because he wants to buy a new apartment. But I don’t think he’s gonna buy it. It’s not that our house is bad, in fact it’s one of the best apartment in our society, but it’s the price. We have priced our house more than what the average rate is around here, but we do have good reasons for it. See, the average rate of apartments selling in our area is based on the condition of the apartment. The base price is quoted on the how it is in the raw stage where no work is done, like flooring, the walls or even the paint. But we have done everything. We have costly flooring, walls are smoothed out, we have custom ceiling design and we have also converted a single bathroom apartment to a two bathroom apartment, one that’s attached to the master bedroom. So, any couple using the master bedroom will have their own bathroom (By the way, this is how a middle class Indian apartment is). And in addition to all this, we are also going to leave most of our furniture and all the modular kitchen that we have made to anyone who buys our house at that price. So, all this justifies our pricing.

But still, no one wants to buy it.

I have no idea why or when someone will buy it or will someone ever buy it. I really want to move to a 2BHK apartment. By the way, to anyone who doesn’t know, I live in a 1BHK apartment, so there’s only one bedroom, which belongs to my parents. So, yeah, I would love to have my own bedroom, my own space. Anyways, things will happen when the time’s right or we’ll just be stuck here until I get rich and could afford my own house.

Getting back to my day, yup it was pretty slow but it wasn’t bad. It was relaxed and happy. Though there is one thing I am sad about.

A few days back, a new version of one of my favorite video game series was released, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now, I love to play video games. Video games are a way to experience things and lives that you can’t in real life. For example, in this game you are a space marine, sort of, where you explore new planets in the Andromeda galaxy in hopes for finding a new home for mankind. Trust me it is amazing, but.. I can’t play it. I can afford the game, but even if I buy it, I have neither a gaming PC nor a PS4 Pro on which I can play it on. The laptop I’m using right now to get all my work done, which includes photo editing, blogging, designing, watching movies and all, is almost 6 years old(2011). The only reason it’s running this great and still can play old games is because I know how to handle it and keep it in good shape, but it’s aging fast.. very fast. This is how it looks even on casual YouTube watching sometimes.

I’m actually used to this and have ways to make this greeny go away, like propping an eraser under one edge of the laptop where the GPU is located.

Yeah, that’s how I use it. I’m not complaining to anyone, not even to my parents, that I don’t have a gaming laptop or PC. I’m just worried that, if this thing suddenly goes south one day, I might actually have nothing to work on. I do have a much shittier PC that’s connected to our television set and is purely for watching movies, but that’s not as powerful as this, even for image editing, and moreover I would need to buy a new monitor which I can’t afford right now. But I think I can make sure that this thing runs fine till I buy a new PC, which I have no idea when. But, coming to gaming, I really miss it. Video games were one way for me to forget everything and just enjoy the experience. For some (like my dad), movies transport you to another world and that’s a beautiful experience for them. To me, it’s video games.

Don’t take me wrong., I’m not that lonely kinda guy who has no girlfriend and spends all his day in front of a monitor screen. I live my life doing everything, socializing, going on trips, I read a lot of books and novels, I do photography, drawing and music and have pretty solid friends, but I love video games. I really, really wish I would be able to play this game and all the games that I haven’t played for almost 2-3 years some way or the other before they become obsolete. The games that I play now are like 5 years, some 7-9 years old because I never had a chance to play them then. I don’t want the same things happening again.

Anyways, this is just a small regret of a small passion in a bigger life. I am happy for everything else I am doing right now and have no complains whatsoever. Life is beautiful and amazing and I am happy to make every moment count.

Also a very funny thing, whenever I write about me not having a gaming setup or even tweet about it, somewhere inside me I do really wish that someone out there would hear me out and gift me something, like a high-end gaming laptop, but I also know that something like this only happens to people who are either famous or really lucky, and I’m neither, so I just smile and work towards buying myself one. It’ll take some time but I am pretty sure I’ll have one. :)

Till then, this is Nad, signing off. Hope, anyone who is reading this, all your wishes come true.


Bonus: My artwork of my favorite video game series.

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