Blog 036: Where Things Get Hot

So nobody offered me a free gaming laptop. Bummer.

Welcome to blog number 36. To anyone who is reading my blog for the first time (probably most, if any) this is where I rant about my day along with a thought and opinion on a subject and also a little complaining about things around me. If you don’t want to read a person ranting aimlessly about his day then there are plenty of amazing blogs that you can follow, but still, give me a chance, read on, and then decide whether I write total shit or not. :)

Today I got another tech device for review! Yay! Well, I didn’t receive it actually, instead someone else bought it and I am reviewing it. It’s the latest smart phone from Moto, the G5 Plus, that released just a week back. My brother bought it for himself and upon my request, he brought it over to my house and I got to use it for a while and do the usual product photo shoot. I have to say, I am loving the photo shoots. The closeups, the angles, the depth of field, the lighting.. I guess I just fell in love with photography all over again. I did love photography but taking pics from a DSLR, on a tripod stand with setting up the shot and the background and lighting, it was really fun. I can only imagine how much more exciting shooting videos would be. Anyways, the review will be out tomorrow on my other blog, so if you’re planning to buy this pretty good budget smart phone, please do read it.

Talking about photography and videography, there’s actually one problem, and that’s my dad. The problem is not that he’ll not allow me to do, the problem is he will probably not allow me to do it my way. The reason being that he loves both. He is actually planning to buy the Panasonic GH5 (somehow) to make short films. He has all this idea in his head about how to set up a studio, how to set up the lighting and the camera angle and all. So if I start doing all this for myself, he is bound to interfere and do it in his own way. Now I don’t have any problem of him helping me, but I want to do it myself so that I learn and gain experience out of it. If he does all the hard work, I might not have the freedom to make mistakes or even add my creative touch to it. So I’m just delaying shooting any type of video for now and waiting till I get my own space. Till then, written reviews and blog it is.

By the way, it’s summer in India and that means above 30-35°C. That’s hot. It’s not sunny warm, it.. is.. damn.. hot. Air conditioning system? Don’t have one. It is not unbearable right now, but would be in a few more weeks. Summers here in Mumbai have risen to an uncomfortable level over the past few years. Every year seems as if there’s a degree rise from the previous year. And being so close to the sea, the humidity levels are so high leading to perspiration. Leaving the house at noon and travelling around the city even in the most comfortable dress would make you wet from top to bottom. The heat and the sweat makes it impossible for the average person to roam around the city in a local transport. The only way to go from point A to point B is to travel in a vehicle that has an AC, or else it’s going to be a very unpleasant experience. But the worst part about the summers are the exams. Imagine writing a 3hr paper on Operating Systems and trying to draw the diagram of the 8085 processor on a hot summer day with no AC in the classroom and no ceiling fan above your head. I guess that’s probably why students fails.

Talking about hotness, my laptop is the hottie of my room. No I won’t stop talking about my laptop till either I buy one or I get one. Coming to the hottie, it is currently sitting at 67ºC CPU temps and 77ºC GPU temps, that is on idle. If you don’t know if these are hot or not, then know that the idle temps for CPU should be around 40 and for GPU too around 40 i.e. everything should be around the room temperature. My laptop runs at a temperature that’s supposed to be the load temps which happens during gaming or stress tests. So my laptop runs on load temps even on idle. And if I start a game on this temperature, I would probably be able make an omelette on it. Speaking of which, I actually used my laptop to heat up a bowl of chicken fried rice taken out of the refrigerator! :P

Anyways, I just hope this laptop survives this summer and hopefully, if everything goes right I’ll be able to buy a new desktop in the next half of the year. 2017 was to be lucky for me, according to horoscopes and also my mom, but I don’t know when that lucky day would come.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow is a Sunday over here so it’s going to be a slow, relaxing day for most but not for me. I have to finish at least half of my portrait sketch as I didn’t get time to do anything today and also write the review and edit the photos and then upload it to my blog before 22:00hrs (that’s 10pm for those who don’t know). Yup, a busy day. Thankfully I’ll be alone tomorrow as my parents are going out for a lunch invitation and there will be no one to disturb me. Hope I finish things by tomorrow.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off. Enjoy the weekend till it lasts because.. Monday is coming.


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