Blog 037: Where Hard Work Is All That Matters

It surely is getting hotter everyday.

Day 037..should have been 067 but well, better late than never to start writing daily. I’m actually surprised at myself for successfully writing this long. It was difficult at first when I started out. I wasn’t able to think as to what is it that I should write about, also making proper sentences and creating a flow was really difficult. It’s not that I’ve become a pro now, I still suck at it, but it is way easier to write posts now. I can easily hit the 1000 word mark without much effort which is a huge achievement for me. Imagine, for a person who struggled to write a single full-page 500 words essay, how difficult it would be to even think about touching the 1000 word mark.

I was terrified at first. I didn’t know how to start and how to go on about para to para. I wanted to write about my day, like a daily diary, but soon realized that I didn’t do much everyday as I already had specific daily work and writing about the same things everyday wasn’t a good idea. It would get boring pretty soon for anyone who would follow my blog and read my posts. So I started a topic called midnight talk where I spoke about my thoughts and beliefs. It worked well for a small time until I had to forcefully think of a subject to talk about rather than it coming automatically like it does in a conversation. Also, to be honest, I never thought anyone would read my posts and even if they did, no one’s going to follow or even like it. But then, I had likes and follows too, and therefore, I needed a change.

So comes new year, a bad start, but a small change. I became more focused on my blog and decided to write everyday. I also ditched my timeline posts and midnight talk and tried to made everything a single cohesive free-flowing post. It was difficult at first, and I also failed to update it daily as I had lot of other stuffs going on during the day, or so I thought. These were just reasons to not do the hard-work. As soon as the clock struck midnigh, I used to stop all my work and spend the night either watching a TV series or a movie. Obviously, this affected my blog and my writing and I was getting nowhere. So I decided with full determination that I’ll write everyday before I sleep, even if it meant sleeping when the sun rises, and also realized that watching movies and all isn’t going to get me anywhere. If I really want to be successful I need to do the hard-work, not only in this blog but in all the other work I do.

So, after finishing my review write-up of the Moto G5 Plus today, which took me approximately 4hrs, I am here at 1:24am IST, writing my daily blog number 37. I am proud of myself.

That’s too much of writing and staring at words for one day. If you are wondering why did it take me 4hrs to write the review, is because, as I said yesterday, I didn’t have the device for myself, so I needed to do some research and read other reviews to see if they agree with mine or not. Reviews usually take time as I need to be factually accurate as well as have overall knowledge of the current version, the previous version to compare it too and also opinions on future improvements. It is not as difficult as it sounds and I am definitely getting better but it does take time, at least for me. Anyways, the review is done, which is the major part, the images have been color corrected, now the only thing remaining is to proof read it, add images and upload it tomorrow by 10pm. If you are planning on buying the G5 Plus, please do read my review tomorrow on my other blog.

That was most of my day. Actually that was the only time I had today as I couldn’t sleep yesterday night thanks to all the mosquitoes. One thing that’s more frustrating than the heat, are the mosquitoes. I am pretty sure God created mosquitoes with one and only one purpose, to kill humans. According to me, humans will not die by floods, tsunamis or any other natural disasters but mostly due to this naturally created species whose sole purpose is to suck blood, breed on water creating more suckers, spread malaria and dengue, and sing melodies in our ears. The last being their favorite hobby. I swear if you accumulate enough mosquitoes in a box and attach a microphone you would hear them singing a song together. They are exceptionally multi-talented.

I hate them.

Anyways, I have my safety mosquito net that’ll keep me safe from these blood suckers. Funny thing though, they are so small and deadly that we human giants need protection from them. I really envy those places where you don’t find these killers. They are lucky to not have experienced the devastating effects of these insects. A single bite from a particular specie can kill a person. Pretty devastating effect.

Anyways, it’s time for me to hit the bed after setting up my mosquito net and hopefully have a good sleep tonight. Want to be fresh tomorrow so that I can complete my portrait sketch.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off. Do the hard-work and success will be yours.


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