Blog 038: Where A Big Miracle Happens

I was in two minds right now, whether I should write today’s post or not.

Welcome to the few, who read my post, to number 38. That’s 2 less than the temperature of the city I live in. Yes, it was freaking 40ºC today and probably the highest so far. Right now sitting in my chair and writing this post, with the ceiling fan spinning at the maximum speed, my back’s almost wet. Even the fan is throwing hot air towards me and no, I don’t have an air conditioner because I am poor. Surprisingly, my laptop is running at a relatively cooler temperature, at around 62ºC, which is not bad. But there’s not a single wind blowing outside right now. It’s dead still, no leaves moving and the temperature is still hot even at 1:35am in the night. I have no idea how are we suppose to sleep in this heat but if I don’t sleep now, I’ll have a tough time sleeping in the morning when it’s much hotter! Damn, global warming.

Apart from the hotness, there’s a good news! Actually a miracle I would say.

Backstory start – I had a laptop while I was in college, actually it was my first laptop ever and it was gifted to me by someone. It’s a really cheap laptop that has an Intel Core 2 Duo chip inside it, not even an i3. But it was a great laptop, and I used it for many things during my college term, including designing and running Hadoop on Ubuntu. It’s also from Asus and has an amazing keyboard but low resolution screen and no keyboard back lighting. Anyways, it was dead.. for the past 3 years.. or so I thought.

What happened was, I wanted to remove the RAM that was in that small laptop and add it to the bigger gaming laptop for increased performance. But that laptop was built, in such a way that the RAM slot was behind the motherboard and was difficult for me to remove it, but I still tried. After a couple of few failed attempts, I gave up and closed up the laptop putting everything as they should be. Praying I didn’t mess up anything, I tried to turn it on.. it didn’t. No matter what I tried, it didn’t turn on. I looked at various resetting steps and tried all of them but to no luck. The hard disk turned on but the display seemed totally dead. After spending like an hour or 2 and trying everything I could, including opening it up again and fixing the connections, it still didn’t work. So, I just gave up on it and took out the hard disk and added it to the bigger laptop for the extra space. This was almost 3 years back. – Backstory end.

Today, while my mom was emptying a box, I saw this laptop and decided to take it out and repair it. I knew it would not be worth the cost but just in case in the future I would use or donate it. So, I took it out and tried to test it with little to no hope of it turning on. I also knew that the battery of the laptop was busted and it always needed the power adapter connected. So I connected it to the wall and waited for the power LED to turn on. Nothing happened. I pressed the power button, nothing happened. I pressed it over and over again while also holding it down for a couple of seconds, no lights. Nothing.

I declared it still dead, removed the plug from the wall and folded it back. While I was doing that, I noticed the power LED turn on! I gave a genuinely surprised look and hurriedly attached the power plug back to wall power point. I switched on the plug and the orange power LED turned on! At this point, my eyes were as big as a potato and my mind was in a complete state of confusion. But since I knew that the display was dead and hitting the power button would result in nothing, I went ahead and pressed it.











I literally screamed!

Well, I didn’t scream eureka, which I should have, but I did make a comparatively loud noise that scared my mom a bit. She thought something wrong had happened to me and I was in pain, but seeing that screen light up and the laptop up and running was like a miracle. It was like the resurrection of Jon Snow. I would never have thought that this laptop would ever run again and I had literally declared it dead and had thrown it away in the scrap, but it just booted up.. after 3 years. I mean, I was speechless. The only thing that was missing is the hard disk which I am going to swap out from the bigger laptop and use this smaller one to do all my other basic tasks, like blogging. It’ll also be a useful tool for my mom to browse stuffs and recipes. Lovely.

So I do get a secondary laptop if this one goes south. I know it’s not as powerful as this one, hell it runs core 2 duo.. that’s a 2008 chip. Even my OnePlus 3T runs faster than that. But still having a backup is always a good thing. I’m just happy that it works. :)

In other news – I published my review of the Moto G5 Plus on my other blog. Please do give it a read if you are planning to buy one.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off. Hope anyone reading this has a miracle too.


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