Blog 039: Where We Are Expecting A New Family Member Soon

Sorry for not showing up yesterday, and also the day before. I had a pretty busy day planning and doing various different things to somehow get the wheel running. By wheel I mean generate some income.

I know most of my posts are about money and income and all that but I am self-employed and that’s my current goal. To generate some sort of income. That’s how it works. You try to generate a small income by which you can pay the bills, eat food and then carry on with the thing that you actually want to do. It does take a little while for someone who hasn’t been doing something from before and leaves a paying job and starts from scratch. And it’s also important that there doesn’t happen a major disaster and you lose everything that you already had, that’ll surely be a worst situation to be in.

Anyways, the reason for me not writing for 2 days is because I was planning a few things, like designing and selling on Etsy. I was a designer before, sort of, and so I thought I’d try my hand on selling some digital prints online. If it works then well and good, if it doesn’t then I don’t lose much because it’s cheap. So I spent some time designing a few ideas and then searching for wall frame mockups to showcase my design on the Etsy shop, like how others are doing. All this took me a night and hence didn’t get the time to write my post.

The other thing that I spent doing was maintaining my other blog. Since it’s a self-hosted WordPress site, it does require a self-maintenance too, like setting up cache. Caching helps in site load speed on desktop and on mobile. So, adding plugins, configuring them and setting them up, and also testing whether something broke or not, this all took some time yesterday night and I ended up not writing anything. Instead I took that opportunity to change the theme of this blog to something lighter and simple looking. I love this theme, Penscratch 2, especially the typography and also I can add sidebar widgets on the homepage, unlike in my previous theme where they were only visible on a single post. This theme is good, I like it.

Talking about my work, I have still not finished my portrait sketch but I am making progress.

I am actually stuck on making the white beard. Yes, he had a lot of white beard at that time but he still looked good. Making fine white hair or beard on a dark background is difficult if you don’t have the perfect eraser, which I don’t. So, creating the white beard is a little bit of a tedious task for me but I am pretty sure by tomorrow I’ll be done with it. The only thing left then would be his hand resting on his face and the dark background. That should be pretty quick to finish. I am really liking the way the drawing has turned out to be and hope the finished drawing looks much better. (If you’re still wondering who that is, that’s Steve Jobs)

I love drawing. It makes me happy and relaxed but that’s not what I want to spend most of my time on. I want to create things but I have no idea what. I want to travel more but don’t know when. It’s like life is on a pause right now, but once the play button is pressed then there’s no stopping. It feels as if life wants me to have patience and wait for a little more for there’s big things to happen in the future. I don’t what they are but there is a strong feeling that things are going to change for good. Hope they do.

There I am again ranting about life and hope. I can’t seem to stop but I also can’t seem to stop thinking about it. I can’t even seem to stop thinking about the new member of the family that’s gonna come in about 3-4 months.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I guess. My sister’s pregnant! She’s going to have a baby! I was never so excited about anything as I am excited about having our own baby in our own family.

I have two sisters, both are married. The eldest sister is going to have a baby, so it’s basically the first baby after me to be welcomed in our family. The next-generation. Finally someone younger than me. I really, really wish the baby is a girl because I love girl babies. They are cuter and much more fun. Not that boys are less cuter and less fun but boys are more mischievous.

But the main reason I really want a girl baby is because I always wanted a little baby sister whom I could take care of, play with and someone who would look up to her big brother. Unfortunately, I was the last one. Hence, I want a little baby girl so that I could be like a big brother to my little niece. That’s also one of the reasons I treat my best friend like my little sister. She’s 2 years younger than me and also physically smaller, just like a baby sister. :P

My best friend and me, almost 3 years back.

Anyways, It’s not in my hands whether it’ll be a girl or boy, but no matter what, I pray that the baby is healthy and good. I’m really, really happy for my sister and her husband that they are going to start a family and also hope they are ready to lose their sleep. :P

That’s it from me, this is Nad, signing off. Hope everyone has a beautiful day and all your wishes come true.


PS: That’s my sister on her early birthday in the featured pic.

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