Blog 040: Where I’m Done With Drawing

Finally back!

Welcome to my Four-Zero, 40th post. I have a couple of updates and decisions that I want to share here. No, I’m not going to quit blogging but yes there are a few changes that I’m planning to make in my life. They aren’t too big of a change but important enough.

The first update I have is a little big and important one. I finally finished my portrait sketch of Steve Jobs, and damn it looks amazing! Also… it’s probably going to be my last dedicated drawing.

I know I shouldn’t stop drawing since I’m definitely getting better at it and there probably could be a bright future in it for me, but.. see, here’s the point: I never wanted to start drawing in the first place. I took up drawing after I left my job because that was the only thing I could do at that time. I always wanted to do music and photography and since I didn’t have any sort of equipment at that time, I decided to spend my time drawing, but I didn’t knew at that time that I’ll get so much better at it.

But since past couple of months, after starting blogging and then buying the digital keyboard and a decent smartphone, I haven’t been able to spend time with these things. Drawing takes a good part of my day, especially if I decide to do it in detail and that leaves very little room for me to do anything else completely. So, what I have decided is to give drawing a break, for at least 2 weeks, and see the difference it makes in my day. If it does, then I might still draw but spend at max an hour on it, even if one sketch takes a month. That way, I can spend my time on things that I want to do while still continue drawing.

Now since I am not going to draw much, I have decided to spend more time in music and photography. I want to start a YT channel, which I’ll surely do but want to start so that I don’t stop, like my other blog. My other blog is not on stop, but the problem I am facing now is I am out devices to review and that does make a temporary halt. The other roadblock I am facing is that, that blog is on a free server with very limited space and functionality. It was given to me by someone I know because I couldn’t afford other web hosting solutions. But as I write more posts, I am slowly running out of space and also the server is a slow one and that affects the page speed. So, A. I need to earn someway and change to a new better server or B. Stick with that server but request an increase in space.

I am still yet to decide what I am going to do and how I am going to get more devices for reviewing but I do have some plans. I could directly ask the companies to send me a review unit if possible, which is probably what I’m going to do, and hopefully I do get a start somewhere. One of the problems with this is that, the first preference is given to YouTubers, because, obviously, video reviews sell the devices better. Anyway, I’ll find a way to overcome all this somehow. There has got to be someway, which I am determined to find out.

The other update is that I have decided to try out Etsy. Yup, I have decided to try selling digital prints and designs on the website and hopefully generate a passive income. This decision has just one sole purpose and that is generating an income. I am doing this just to put my average designing skills to some good use and hopefully get something out of it.

That’s all I guess. These are the few decisions and updates over the last week. They aren’t very big decisions but every small decision in life matters and may be a start of something big. That said, I am in no intention of stopping any of the things that I am currently doing. I want to keep on doing everything as much as I can and hopefully in the future stick with the one that gives me the most satisfaction. But I ain’t giving up. What else I’ve got to do anyways?

That’s it for today. Oh yeah! Almost forgot, my other small laptop is working perfectly. It’s small and very less powerful but for writing blogs and browsing, it gets the job done. Anyways, no one gave me a new gaming laptop still and I’m yet to play my favorite games. I did try to play on this old gaming system that I use everyday, and.. it was terrible. Even in the lowest graphics settings it was unplayable. Guess I’ll just have to wait till I could afford one. No problem. :)

That’s finally it, this is Nad, signing off. It’s good to be back to writing and hope to do it everyday.


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