Blog 041: Where I Talk About Going Bald

So.. I’ve decided to change my blogs from daily blogs to just blogs. Now instead of it being Day whatever, it’ll be Blog whatever.

So, since I clearly cannot write everyday, even if I try my best, I just thought.. why the name daily blog. Hence, the name change, and this kinda seems more appropriate and easy to write for. Writing blog instead of day makes it a post of thoughts rather than a post about my day, which anyways never spanned a complete post. So, blog helps me to write thoughts and views and also incorporate my day and experiences. Also, since it moves away from the ‘daily’ part, I can write anytime I want and add in more stuffs and not be forced to just one day. Seems good to me.

As for me, I have been sleeping a lot, and I mean a LOT. My wake up time has become 3 in the afternoon. That’s like most people’s post lunch relax time. I’m not super happy about it but it’s not going to last long. It’s just a few days of downtime that I’m having. It’s these days that I feel like being left alone where I can just relax and not to do anything. It doesn’t last long and I get to back to work soon but I do need these down times just to stop, think, reflect and then move forward again. But even in these not-do-anything time I do get some work done that don’t require too much effort, so it’s all good.

You know my hair has grown terribly long. Not terrible in any way but it is long enough that I need to tie it up if I have to go out or something or else I look like Tom Hanks from cast away.


Yeah, got the beard too.

I don’t look so grizzly like Tom Hanks and I do look good when I tie it up though, and I kinda like it. My friend’s forcing me to cut it but I ain’t gonna do that, not until we sell this house. I mean, it’s kinda funny, but still, I have decided to cut my hair short, like almost super short, the day we sell this house. The day we successfully sell this house, like all the paperwork’s done and we just need to pack up our stuffs and move out, I will cut my hair super short. And you know what, I do look good in short hair too. ;)

I was thinking going all the way and shave my head bald clean, but I’m saving that for some other occasion. I have had all types of hairstyle now, including the pony, so going bald isn’t going to be that embarrassing to me but it’s still a challenge. A BIG one that too, so the occasion needs to be a big one too. I haven’t yet decided on what the occasion would be but it’ll surely be related to some form of success. I was thinking marriage would be a good ‘big’ moment but I don’t think my future wife would love her future husband to turn up bald on the wedding day. :P

But that would actually be something! Imagine the dress code of a wedding is being bald! Yeah, lots of empty chairs and wasted food.

I shouldn’t be allowed to organize weddings. Nope.

Anyways, I am pretty sure I’ll look hilarious if I go bald, because I have a bad shaped head. I’ll look more like a terrorist than sexy, and if I had a beard than I’ll look like Steven Seagal, but only bald.

P.S. Steven looks good btw.

Enough of me going bald, still have a long way to go. Now to some other topic.

I just realized one thing while watching YouTube videos of some successful YouTubers and it’s that, everyone has that one place where they go to work or just to stay away from people and distraction. It’s either their work place, a store-room, a bed room, a basement, or some place outside and away from home. It’s that place where they are with themselves and with their thought’s and away from all distractions. It’s where they can work on their own, in their own comfort and that’s why they can give their 100%. Imagine every workplace being that way.

I’m pretty sure there are many companies nowadays that think out of the cubicle and make a comfortable working environment for their employees as much as possible. But for the companies that don’t and have the old lined-up system where people sit next to each other like in a row, it’s so unproductive. And if your work area is surrounded by other work areas or cubicles than that adds to the frustration. I know this because I have worked in such a place.

My working office, where I worked for just 3 months, was pretty small. The work place was like a traditional one.


Our cubicle or whatever it was called consisted of 8 people working on one project. It was also surrounded by 3 more cubicles consisting of people working on other projects. And everything was cramped in an uncomfortably small working area, without any widows. Imagine 20-30 people working in a cramped basement completely cutoff from the outside world. Yeah, that was my work place.

Now, I’m the kind of guy who can work in a team and have done successfully countless times, but still to finish my own work I need to be in somewhat a distraction free environment. I not only finish my work faster but do it more efficiently. So, working in that place was one of the frustrating things for me. I’m still amazed I lasted 3 months.

It may not be bad for others, I mean people are different and there may be many that work good in that environment but even then, everyone has their ‘own’ place somewhere. A place where they can be themselves. A place that’s only theirs. I am still searching for mine.

One of the reasons my sleep schedule is completely opposite is because I work night shifts. It’s the only time I am alone without any distractions. I can just turn on the music and work without worrying about anything, since everyone around me asleep. The world is asleep. It’s actually the only time I can even talk to myself. But unfortunately night times are short and even I eventually need to sleep.

Which I am going to do now. So, that’s it for today’s rant. I know my way of writing is not organized and jumps around often but I like it that way. Anyways, still waiting for my own place and I hope to get it soon.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off. I hope you have your own favorite place where you get to spend time with yourself, because you yourself are the only best friend you’ll ever need. :)


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