Blog 042: Where I Talk About Computers & The Internet

I couldn’t write for the past couple of days because there were random power cuts throughout the day that were almost 1-2 hrs long.

No power means no internet.

And no running fan.

The temperature outside is 40ºC.

No big deal. Just casually getting roasted that’s all.

Welcome to India.

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Aside from the heat and lack of sleep due to it, I also have been little productive. Doing work in this type of climate that almost kills you, that too on an electronic device that heats up the more you use it a.k.a. the computer, is quite frustrating, the least to say. I’m pretty sure it is way better than writing a 3 hr long exam paper with no AC or a ceiling fan above your head. It’s even more devastating especially if you are a laborer working under the sun. I really wish there were better jobs and conditions for such people working in places where temperatures soar well high enough to get you a heat stroke. Not soon probably.

Getting back to my work, I finally started my Etsy shop! Yay! Well, there’s just one design for now and it’s a quote print. It’s like a digital quotes design that when you buy you will get downloadable jpeg files that you can then print on a printer. And you can print as many times as you like. So buy once, print hundred times.

It’s just a start but I don’t know why I doubt it’ll run. It’s not because I doubt myself but because I have done online design selling many times before and I have made just one successful sale till now. Just one. So, if it runs, well and good, if doesn’t.. at least I tried.

Talking about selling online there’s one thing I really wish people understand something, especially the previous generation. And that is.. computer and internet is not a waste of time and everyone should learn how to use both. See, the point I’m trying to make is, as I said above about the working conditions of laborers, especially in hot places, imagine if they learn how to use technology in general. Not only would they have an opportunity to get better jobs, they would also not lose their labor job if technology took over. What I mean is, if machines were used instead of men, which has happened and still happening, the men lose their jobs and a source of living. But if they learnt even a little bit of using computers, or even learnt to use the machines that replaced them in the first place, they would still be valuable.

Knowing how to use a computer properly is a skill in itself. Take my mom for example, she hates technology. If you give her a new smartphone right now, all she would know to do is calling, receiving a call and using WhatsApp. That’s it. If you ask her how to connect to the internet, she has no clue.

Being the responsible child that I am, I did try to teach her and explain to her that internet and all things connected to it can be used in a better way, like booking a cab, learning new cooking recipes from YouTube, knowing what’s happening around the world, using Google maps to find a house or even a shop, and even paying bills online without having to stand in a queue for long hours. Only after I explained the ‘good’ things of being connected, she has now realized that even a smartphone can take care of most tasks easily. But still, she has no interest in learning more.

I really do fail to understand why people show least interest when it comes to computers, and why most of them just know how to use the social apps. To me, a computer and internet is a window to countless opportunities. If you are a designer, showcase your talent and land your dream job. If you love cooking, there are many who would love to try out your recipes. If you want to be an actor, just start a YouTube channel my friend. For everything there’s something online and this simple fact is what many people fail to understand. Not only can you use technology for help and learning but you can use it to do what you love to do.

I have tried to explain this simple concept to many people, including my friends but it’s difficult to make them understand if you can’t prove it practically. I know that, no matter how many opportunities technology and internet can give you, it is still lot of hard work, courage and patience. But that to me is still an opportunity, a small window. A possibility. And this ‘possibility’ of doing something great, is what people fail to see. Even a laborer can learn how to use a computer and end up doing great things. You just have to see the bigger picture.

Side note: I know computers are costly for a poor laborer to buy but technology is all around you. You just need to be open to it.

But as they say, it’s easier said than done. I talked about the internet so much and I haven’t done anything myself yet. I would blame a small amount to somethings, which I know I shouldn’t, but considering the actual time I’ve spent using technology as a means to do something, is way less. Actually starting this blog and using my Instagram to share my drawings is when I started using internet to create something of my own. Till then, I was a coder trying to create softwares and apps for other people (still in technology though). The only thing left now would be to jump on the video market, YouTube. That would be soon too.

Till then, I really hope people learn to use technology for their own benefits. There are schools that are using technology to teach younger minds and I really love that and hope more schools adopt it.

Technology used right is very beneficial but still… I really, really hope machines don’t take over.

This is Nad, signing off.


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