Blog 043: Where I Go To See The Penguins

But unfortunately couldn’t get them on camera because taking pictures wasn’t allowed. Sigh..

It was a really good day today. Yeah, it was also pretty hot outside, approximately 35ΒΊC, but still 5 less than yesterday. So, we decided to visit the local zoo where they have penguins. Yes.. penguins. Have you ever seen a real live penguin? I have now… but for just 10 secs. More on that later.

So we have a local zoo called Rani Baug (Queen’s Garden) – Byculla Zoo (now known as Jijamata Udyaan), which is a zoo and a garden which was laid out in 1861. It’s one of the oldest zoos in India. Even though it’s so old and also so famous, it, unfortunately, is very poorly maintained. There are hardly any animals now and the few which are present don’t look so good. The cages are small and all-in-all it looks like a not so good place to keep animals.

Hence, due to it being so poorly maintained along with the lack of animals, it attracts hardly any visitors. But for the past few months the place has been jam-packed with people coming from all over Mumbai just to watch one animal species, the penguins.

Kept in a separate building with conditions specifically tailored for them, the zoo has around 6-7 of them that enjoy each others company. Kept behind a glass enclosing filled half with cold water and half land, the cute little penguins play around while a zookeeper inside makes sure they are safe and healthy. They are little penguins called the Humboldt Penguins that have the brown and white skin color and not the black and white that most Antarctic penguins have.

They are amazing. Penguins have officially become my favorite animals and I would surely love to visit the wild penguins in the South Pole if possible. These were medium height and it was really funny to see them walk. I mean I have seen the funny penguin walks on movies and on Nat Geo, but to see them real, that’s something else. They wiggle their almost non-existent tail and walk around flapping their wings making anyone who sees them go awe.

But unfortunately, the time that everyone got to see these magnificent creatures was just.. 10 secs. That’s all we got. There was a BIG line outside the building and it took nearly 20 mins to get inside to see the penguins. And since the line was constantly growing, the people in charge, allowed only a few seconds of see time so that the next group could come in and watch the penguins. And we weren’t even close to the glass enclosing that we could take a closer look at the creatures. We were like 2 ft away, behind a railing bar, looking at the penguins while being forced to move ahead and out, all the while not being allowed to take any type of pictures. THAT, was the biggest disappointment.

I did try my best to take a video secretly but unfortunately failed big time to even capture a single penguin. BIG FAILURE.

I was really disappointed that we weren’t allowed to spend at least 5 mins with the penguins. I mean, come on, they are amazing creatures and impossible to see unless you visit a certain place. Probably impossible to find any in India. So it was like a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially for my parents, to see this beautiful creature in real, and all they got was 10 secs. This zoo is disappointing.

Anyways, there were a few other not-so-remarkable species around the zoo, kept in not-so-remarkable environment which we got to see. The only species that was in abundant and probably the most dangerous and the most dumb, was the one outside the cages.. the human species.

One of the reasons I hate zoos is keeping animals in cages just so that tourists can have a look at them. I did hate the fact that the penguins were kept inside an enclosure but if I had seen them before somewhere else, I wouldn’t have gone today. Keeping them in a so-called ‘zoo’ is okay as long as you create a natural habitat like experience for them, which might be quite impossible. But at least make it without cages and open enough so that the animals don’t feel trapped. I don’t know if anything is going to change or not but I do wish these penguins find a better place soon.

So, that was my day at the zoo. It was not so bad because I got to shoot videos with my smartphone for my first YT video! The videos aren’t that great but it’s at least a start. I had especially bought a brand new selfie stick just for making vlogs and after today’s experience, I am really happy with the purchase. It made shooting videos so much easier and fun too. I’ll probably edit the video tomorrow and upload it as soon as it is done.

I’m not expecting any groundbreaking views or subscribers, in fact I’m expecting the complete opposite. I am expecting none would watch it and if a few did, they would probably dislike it. So, no expectations for my first video, I just want to start that’s all. Also, I know shit about editing and stuff, so let’s see how it goes.

Anyways, that’s all for today. It was a good productive day. Days like this make me want to travel everyday, but considering the cost of travelling I am just happy with once in a while for now.

This is Nad, signing off.


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