Blog 044: Where I Travel On The Train With A Smelly Fat Guy

My laptop sucks.

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This post is going to be a small complain about small things so bear with me.

First: My Laptop

So, since I tried vlogging for the first time, I went out and shot more than a few videos, while my visit to the zoo, through my decent smartphone. My phone is the OnePlus 3T and it shoots in 4K, so everything looks a little more crispy and clear. Now after shooting many video footage the next step is to edit on a video editing software. This is where things start to go downhill.

Firstly, finding a video editing software that edits and renders 4K videos for free, is difficult. So I tried my hand on the popular Adobe Premiere Pro, the trial version to get a starting knowledge on editing. Downloaded and installed the software and everything’s good. I import my videos and as expected, it takes a couple of minutes to import everything. It’s all okay. My laptop isn’t a super computer to do everything in a jiffy.

After the import, I start previewing my clips, edit them as needed and start laying them out on the timeline. My laptop slows down a bit, but gets back to normal. I continue with other clips, it slows down more. I still do the editing patiently waiting for it recover and lay the clips one by one on the timeline. All good.

Then, to preview what I have on the timeline, I click play.


Fortunately I had saved my project, so I startup again and play the timeline video. This time it does play, but with too much lag. I try to play clip by clip and that plays fine, but as a complete timeline, it lags horribly. I somehow manage to edit my video, patiently waiting for my laptop to recover after I edit a clip and somehow manage to make a 30 sec video with an external free music clip. Success.

I export that clip.. 5-8 mins export time. I mean it may not seem too much, but considering the fact that it was shot from a smartphone, the processing should be way less than DSLRs. Also, this is a 30 sec video, the final video is probably going to be 5 mins long. That’s around an hour, or even more. I mean I can wait for an hour for a video to render, but imagine the high probability of my laptop crashing big time. Sigh..

Also, editing and rendering the 30 secs video took me around 2-3 hours. 5 min video….

Second: My phone

My phone sometimes just records till a certain time and then just stops.. without saving the footage. Imagine you are recording an important scene and everything’s going exceptionally well, except after one point the recording stops without any warning and the scene isn’t even recorded. Imagine the frustration if you wouldn’t be able to shoot that scene again.

These are the problems I am facing currently but still none of it has stopped from shooting and editing. I did manage to get good clips with my phone for my first video and I think I can patiently edit my vlog, even if it takes a couple of days. Not giving up. [thumbs up]

Third: The Mumbai Local

The Mumbai Local is the heart of Mumbai. Thousands of people use it everyday to travel from home to work and return. It’s overflowing with people everyday during peak hours.. literally.

But what my complain is, even if it’s filled with people there is no discipline at all. The way you should stand or sit so that it doesn’t create a problem to others and also the behavior.

I was stuck in the middle of the compartment with a fat guy who smelled and didn’t even have the decency to cover his mouth while coughing. I was pretty sure I was going to die of suffocation. Luckily I got an empty seat, but that was the 4th seat. What is the 4th seat?

So the bench or seat or whatever it’s called is made for 3 people who can sit comfortably. But during rush hours when there’s no place to sit, people will scooch over towards the window to make an extra ‘fourth’ seat. It’s like a kid sitting on a motorbike’s back carrier. And you don’t sit straight like you would normally on a seat, but perpendicular to it. It’s totally weird and doesn’t make sense at all.

So, there I was in a train compartment completely filled with people where I couldn’t even place my feet properly on the ground. Not only was the fat guy taking up so much space in middle of the compartment but also made it difficult for me to hold on to the top handles for support. Smelly fat guy!

The only thing that was good inside that jalopy(just found out what it meant) was a small LCD display screen, also in a bad state, that was playing some Charlie Chaplin movie. Even after all these years I never would have thought I would be smiling inside a terrible train compartment, standing beside a smelly fat guy, watching the amazing black and white comedy.

But it’s my life, and good things last short, very short, including that movie, which was soon replaced with a weight loss ad.

I hate trains.

But anyone visiting Mumbai for the first time, travelling on the Mumbai Local will be an experience you will never forget.

That’s all for today, this is Nad. Signing off. Hope you never give up no matter how many obstacles come your way.


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