Blog 045: Where I Edit My First Vlog

Short story: It was fun but time-consuming and the output is not so great.

Long story:

As I said in my previous blog that I shot my first vlog, a trip to the zoo, and I’m in the process of editing it. So today, I finally finish with the final cut, which is currently exporting, and hopefully I’ll upload it on YouTube by tomorrow. [thumbs up]

Even though I am excited for my first video, I’m not completely satisfied with it. There are so many things wrong with it that I wish I knew before shooting it. I know it’s my first time but still after watching so many vlogs of many great YouTubers, I did expect better from myself. But it’s okay.

It’s like how my first blog post was, totally crap and no flow or anything that makes a blog post great. Agreed it still is crap, but still a better crap than before. :D

It’s the same with my first video. It’s totally unprofessional, the camera is completely shaky and the most important part is, it’s missing an underlying context.

See, the key with vlogging or blogging or general storytelling is, the underlying context. It’s like a backbone on which you lay your storytelling. Without a context, especially in videos, it’ll be like random shots sewn together in the hope of something worthwhile to watch, which more often than not is not the case. So my first video totally lacks context.

I knew this even before I went to the zoo and shot all the random videos. The reason being, I wasn’t ready to be in front of the camera and wanted to ‘try’ how shooting and editing a vlog feels like. After this, I am more confident than I was before and hopefully the next vlog would be a better one.

Another technical problem with my vlog is the camera movement. Agreed I ain’t using a high-end DSLR, and movement is expected with a smartphone camera but here the problem, I think, is the selfie stick. It did do a great job of taking shots with ease, along with its remote shutter, but it also added to the sideways movement that you get when you hold a stick straight up and walk with it. Now I can try to reduce the shakiness by being more aware but I certainly cannot ditch the selfie stick as it is way easier to shoot with it. So until I don’t buy a tripod with a stabilizer, or a better camera, I’ll have to make do with this.

Unless, of course, someone wants to gift me a new camera. ;)

Also missing from the vlog is what makes a vlog ‘vlog’.. the talking. Since it was my first, I thought of not talking too much and just shoot as I go. But since there’s not much talking, I had to fill the audio space with music. So now my video is more of a musical than a travel vlog. And an important point to note here is: talking is the main part of giving a vlog a context, without it it’s just random videos.

I am not so comfortable talking in front of a camera and get highly anxious, but that’s one of the main reasons I want to do this vlogging YouTube thing.  it is to get rid of my anxiety. And, even my English is almost terrible, unlike my writing which is still way better than my speaking, so.. hopefully I learn to speak better too.

It’s funny that I can think in perfect english, I can write in perfect english but I can’t speak in perfect english. Hmm.

Anyways, my video will be uploaded by tomorrow and I’ll share it here on my next blog post.

Disclaimer: I know it’s not great so please don’t hate it right from the start.

By the way, the good thing is, my laptop doesn’t crash while rendering and exporting the video(yay). And also it takes just 20 mins for a 3:28min video. [thumbs up]

But yeah, the software can’t play the entire timeline in one go without major hiccups. So, I have to either watch it clip by clip, which is not helpful, or export it, then watch the entire video, rectify the mistakes and then re-export it. Sigh.. but it works. [big thumbs up]

So, that’s it. I’ve spent almost 3 days just editing my first vlog and I’m happy that I did. The only thing now to do is to click the upload button. Also, as I said before I’m not expecting views or subs, I’m just doing it because it is way out of my comfort zone and also I love shooting videos and anything related to cameras. I hope I continue doing it and get better and better.

That’s it from me. This is Nad, signing off. I hope you do what you love and never give up.


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