Blog 046: Where I Upload My First YouTube Video

With a few problems..

As I said in my last post that I had edited my first vlog and was going to upload it soon, well, I did. Thrice. The first time I uploaded it, it seemed all good. My video showed up on my channel and everything played fine, actually better than I expected. I even streamed it on my HDTV through my phone and it played smoothly. I was happy with everything and so I left it and went on with my other work.

Skip forward 3 hrs, I go in to check on my video and Β guess what.. it’s only 30 secs long!! I mean, wtf! I uploaded a 3:28 min video to be precise and now YouTube shows my video as just 30 secs long. How the hell did that happen? There was no message or warning or anything so that I may know what the reason would be, instead the video which was full length couple of hours ago, is now cut short to just 30 secs.

So confused and not knowing why it happened or what to do, I made the video private and uploaded a new one once again. Mind you, the upload takes around 20-30 mins, so if it was going to happen again I would have wasted 30 mins and an additional 30 mins for another upload. So, as it was uploading I began Googling about the problem. Seems a few people had this problem but all were way back in 2009. I did manage to find a more recent one and similar to mine but none of them had any solutions. By this time, the upload was complete, I copied all the info from my previous video and *fingers crossed* hit the publish button.

An hour later.. it’s cut short to 30 secs. Again. Sigh..

Very much frustrated and no idea why this was happening I searched the web again for encoding settings for YouTube. Not surprisingly, my settings were all good. But still I re-encoded and exported my video, but this time with a little more render quality. The export that took 20 mins before, now took around an hour. Now that’s a different problem altogether, but I’m just happy my laptop didn’t crash in the process. Of course I had to leave it alone for that period.

After exporting I was all ready to upload again. This time I noticed that in my previous 2 uploads I did allow YouTube to remove shakiness from my videos. This is something YT offers to do if it found out your video was shaky. But, this time I decided not to allow it and uploaded my video as it is. 30 mins later, my video is published that’s 3:28 min long. Now to just wait. But..

It was 4am by then. Pretty confident that I’m going to get 0 views, I shut down everything and go to sleep.

After having an amazing sleep and I wake up at 3pm. That’s what lack of sleep does to you by the way. Anyways, 11 hrs later, the first thing I do is check my video and voila! It’s perfectly 3:28 mins long. Success! I don’t know what the problem was and whether the re-export or not allowing YT to remove shakiness solved the problem, but it’s all good and my video is full length. [thumbs up]

I hadn’t watched my video till then as I wanted to see if it was cut short automatically, but it didn’t and so I watched my not-so-good first vlog happily.

And I’m happy to share it too. Hope you like it. :)

I also realized I didn’t share any pics of the visit. In fact, I didn’t take much pics of the zoo as there wasn’t anything great to see. But here are a few shots.

Hope you enjoy my video and the images. Looking forward for my next trip after the weather cools down a bit.

Till then, this is Nad, signing off.


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