Blog 047: Where I Can’t Remember My Own Melody

Sooooo… not much happened lately.

So after my trip and all my video and editing stuff I was like on a short break from technology itself. I realized I spend almost my entire day sleeping and the entire night working in front of a laptop screen. Why night, because that’s the only time I can work without any disturbance. So, I spent the past few days away from the laptop screen and going ahead with my first musical composition. Damn, it was harder than I thought.

If you are a creator, meaning you create anything out of nowhere then you will probably relate to the creators problem. And that is to come up with something out of nowhere in the first place. It’s not only hard to think of something that probably isn’t there, it’s also very hard to remember.

I’ll explain.

See, how the mind works is it remembers the things that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. It’s the sensations and feelings that get recorded into the brain that let you remember even decades later. Even dreams are made up of stuffs that we have seen somewhere or the other, no matter how small or big or for how long. So whatever superhero dream you get even if it’s in some other dimension altogether, it’ll be made up of things and people you have seen in your lifetime. (What do blind people dream then? Hmm…). Anyways, my point being, you remember, or rather your brain remembers the things that you see, hear, smell, taste and feel, and if it’s none of it then it’s really not possible unless you manually record it somewhere else and then make your brain store that information. And that’s why when you get a random idea or a thought, the first thing you should do is write it down.

So, coming back to my music. Music is something we hear and humans are really good at remembering melodies and voices. But how do you remember a melody which you have never heard before? You have to play it, record it and then hear it yourself.. similar to recording a thought. But here comes the problem. Thoughts are words with meanings, music isn’t. You can always remember a thought because you know what it means, but you can’t remember a musical thought because it’s difficult to attach a meaning to it. So if I have a tune that I came up with in my mind and if I don’t record it immediately, there’s a high probability that I’ll probably forget it quickly. And if by chance I heard some other melody or a song then, goodbye forever.

So, that’s why I can’t remember my own melodies, that I made up in my head. It’ll probably take some time to get into the habit of remembering them and then playing them back exactly as I thought but I’m on it. [thumbs up]

Now to some travel news, we visited yet another new under construction building.

As I said in my previous posts that we are planning to sell this house and shift to a bigger and better house, we are in the lookout for newly developed apartments that sell at a lower cost in the beginning and are more affordable. So we visited this still-in-construction building that has all the positives attached to it. For starters it’s a 55 storey high-rise. That’s the highest building in the town I live in. Also, it’s affordable.

Other positives include, good big rooms with plenty of air flow, both west and east facing options i.e. either sunrise or sunset based on your preference, nice amenities like parks, gyms, shopping malls, theaters, market, swimming pools and many other things that are given to you once you become a resident. This type of development is called a township, wherein a small residential area includes all the basic amenities like markets and shopping malls, all inside the compound area. So basically you live in a small town of your own, inside the already big town developed by the government. Yeah, sounds weird but it does exist. Also did I mention it has its own school and library?

Everything is great about this place except for one thing, it’ll be complete by 2020.

I mean, it’s great for people to invest because they’ll get much bigger returns in the future, but for people like us who want a ready apartment to shift in, that’s not possible right now.

But the view is really great from the 21st floor. Check it out.

Now imagine living on the 55th floor.

So after coming back, we, the 3 remaining family members of the Abdulla family, had a discussion on what to do about the house, and we came to a not-so-satisfactory but weird agreement.

We know that we are trying to sell this house and it hasn’t been sold since a year, so what we felt is that, it’s still not ready to be sold. You know one of those feelings that, when something has to happen it’ll happen no matter what and if something isn’t supposed to happen, then no matter what you do, it’ll never happen. Am I making sense? So if you try to make something happen forcefully, then the result is not going to be good.

And hence we decided to not stress upon selling the house anymore.

Also, since my sister’s going to have a child, everyone agreed that it’s easier in this house since it’s much closer to the hospital and also everyone wants the child to be born in this dearly loved home. Yeah, this house is probably going to see the 3rd generation as well.

So, the solution after such a long discussion and my boring explanation? We are probably going to shift or search for a new home in August. And did I mention that we are broke too?

God help us all.

Till then, that’s all for this post. Felt like I explained too many things but that’s okay. I’ll end it here.

This is Nad, signing off.


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