Blog 048: Where People Around Me Are Getting Married

I know it’s been slow over here. Not many posts and some are not so interesting but it’s okay, at least I’m still writing.

So, back again but with not much updates. My cousin brother has come to India for a week to attend one of his friend’s wedding. He lives in Barcelona, I think, where he works as a programmer in a small startup. Literally small, like 10 people. Anyways, he and his family were invited for dinner to our place by my mom and we did have a good time. I do like it when families get together and enjoy late night conversations, but it’s not the same as it used to be. I won’t go into a lot of details, maybe some other time but the gist of it is my sisters did inter caste love marriage and that doesn’t go well with the people in our family. So, things are different now.. which I wish weren’t and people just grew up and be mature.

Not talking more about a sensitive topic, it was good spending time with people. He also bought us 2 somewhat good smelling perfumes, which weren’t that costly but it’s okay. I don’t like perfumes much but I do rarely use a few only if they are mild and soft and not too high or pungent that you smell as if you took a shower with it. Anyways, I don’t smell bad. I don’t. I think. Well, my ex never told me that I did. So, I guess not. *smells* No, I don’t.

Moving on.

Talking about friend’s wedding, I have a friend or was, who has a wedding next week and I don’t know whether I should attend or not. Okay giving some background, he was a good friend in college. We were always together although I spent most of my time with my best friend, who is a girl. So, people not really liked that, including him I guess. But we never broke the friendship off or anything, but it’s been almost 2 years since we talked. Now I talk to all my other friends, almost everyday, or at least once a week, but haven’t talked to him since I left my job, I guess. It’s not that I don’t like him or don’t want to talk to him, it’s just that whenever we did talk, he talked of religion. Not judging him here but I guess you can talk normally without bringing that in between. The problem is, I am not much of a religion believer, (although I have zero problems with religious people and respect everyone’s views and beliefs), but I don’t like people preaching me. I think everyone should follow what they believe in and let others do the same.

Coming back to my friend, I do like him but I don’t like him bringing religion in between friendship. So, the more he brought the more I went away. And eventually stopped talking. If you’re wondering whether I told him not to do so, yes I did. Many times, during college. I mean, I get it, you’re religious and I completely respect that but respect my beliefs too. Anyways, I still don’t know whether I should attend his wedding or not. I’m leaning more on the not, mostly because we haven’t talked and the invitation was sent through a chat.

Talking about the wedding, I am really, really happy he is getting married and wish him all the happiness in the world and may his wife and him always be together, always happy, and have beautiful kids.

Okay, back to my life I do have a small update. By the way, sorry about the rant above, I do hate it when religion becomes a problem for things it shouldn’t, which is the case nowadays I guess. Anyways, the update. We have settled on a plan to sell our house, even if at a lower selling price, but yes, we are selling it. So probably tomorrow my mom and me are going to meet an agent and discuss about the requirements and everything. I really hope everything works out positive.

Now, to my slow schedule. The reason my day, my work and my blog is a little slower than usual is because I don’t want to rush things right now and be at a halt if and when our house is sold and we are moving. I’m guessing that’s going to be soon and if it does happen then I’ll probably be disconnected from my work and blog (as if it really matters. :P). I’ll be caught up in packing and moving and all, and then setting everything up again in the new house. Actually, twice. Yeah, we are going to be moving twice. Once to a temporary apartment till we find one to buy and then finally moving to the newly bought one. So for a couple of months we’ll be in a state of temporary settlement and constantly out in the search for a better apartment. Like nomads searching for a better cave. :D

Anyways, till then this small cave is what I’ll have to do with. Hope someone buys it soon.

This is Nad, signing off… from his batcave.

Goodnight. :P

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