Blog 049: Where I Create My First Track

It’s been more than a week since I’ve written my last post and it is not because I lost interest or something like that, but was just caught up with many different things all at the same time. But I’m back and hopefully continue my frequent writing.

Also, it is crazy hot and humid out here that sitting in front of my laptop for even 10-15 mins is almost impossible without an air-conditioner, so I just refrain from it.

So.. blog 049.. 1 more to go for that half century.  It’s a like batsman scoring a half-century and is just a run away from it and it takes almost an over to take that one run. Same is the situation for me where it took a week for me to write the 49th post and don’t know when I’ll write the 50th, but it’ll be soon. I just want a decent occasion or something good to talk about in that post, but let’s just think about it then. Let’s focus on this post for today. But cricket anyone? IPL? If yes, I’m a Mumbai Indians supporter.

So updates:

– No new laptop. Still stuck on this heat machine but it’s going strong.

– No change in my day or routine. Still doing the same things but in different order.

– Actually made a song. More on that later.

– House update, found a new agent and he looks promising but let’s see.

– Still working night shift and sleeping during the day.

Yeah, my best friend did tag me.

Okay, first things first, my song. So I did manage to put different instruments and sound effects together in a free digital audio workstation and make up a decently bad song. It’s just around 2:30 mins long and it’s not even remotely close to being good, but that said I did learn a lot of things. And the first thing was… I suck at digital audio. Second.. It’s gonna take more effort than I thought to come up with a decent composition. Third, I can definitely do it. [thumbs up]

So, what is digital audio? Well, digital audio is the present and the future. It’s creating music without the use of actual instruments and is widely popular and used by many music producers. It is used in many genres of music and you can create almost every sound you can think of. All you require is a laptop, a software and some plugins, and with a few clicks you will be making music. Easy right? Wrong. Well, it’s easy if you are just creating beats like in a dance music or disco music, but if you were to create a composition that require the sounds of actual instruments being played, then there’s quite a little bit of work to do.

First thing to understand is that all the instrument sounds in a software are emulated, so they will never sound like an original instrument. But if you want it to sound closer to a real instrument you need to add filters and reverb and all that stuff to make it sound more believable, and this is where things get difficult fast. You actually need to learn the technical part of ‘sound’ and apply it to create music, and that’s what sound engineers do (if I’m not wrong). So mix that with the actual composition that involves the ‘musical’ part of sound, things don’t seem so easy then. Yes, it’s work, like ‘spending hours’ work but it’s not impossible, and once you nail everything down then it gets really easy, at least the technical stuff. You still need to figure the music out. Exactly like learning a guitar. High initial learning curve, piece of cake later.

So that’s all the things that I need to work on and it’s clearly missing from my first decently bad song. Hopefully the next song will have some realistic effect to it.

Here’s the track:

Sucks right?

Okay, back to my thoughts, one particular thought I recently had was – how it’s not too late enough to start over again? I’ll give myself as an example.

I started my life(literally) doing something else, mid-way did something else, left the thing I started to try for even more something else, failed and settled for something less, and now ended up leaving everything that I did till now for something else altogether. Makes sense? Okay, to put some context to it, I started playing chess at the age of 4 (that’s almost the start of my life), became pretty good at it, won a few awards and medals and officially have a global rating. Then mid-way, focused on studies more because obviously grades, sorry, high grades are important right? Then left chess altogether in the pursuit of getting admission into India’s top engineering college, the Indian Institute of Technology. Prepared for 3 years actually for the entrance exam, failing the first time and then failing the second time too. Depressed, settled for a local university engineering college. Got a degree in computer engineering and became a front-end coder, a pretty good one. Worked as a designer and front-end developer until realizing that 9-5 wasn’t my cup of tea. Left the job, stopped coding and since then I have started doing pencil sketches, writing blogs, writing tech reviews, started doing photography and vlogging, and making music. All this from scratch.

So my question is, I’m 25, is it still too late to start over and should I settle for a job that pays? Or should I continue whatever I have started from scratch in the hope that one day things will be much better than they are now? Whatever I have done after I left my job was from 0 and I’m not saying that in a proud way because I really wish I was pretty good in at least one of those things. But when you start from nothing it does take a while and lot of patience and hard work to get to the place where your work pays off. And it’s all the more difficult when you need to pay the bills too.

So basically I was in a split. My one part of the brain was telling me, you are too late to start over again and should consider going back to doing something that pays, while the other part said, if you won’t do it now, you’ll never do it. I guess, only time will tell.

Till then, that’s all from me. Hope everyone has an amazing and productive day.

This is Nad, signing off.


Song that played while writing this post: Up&Up – Coldplay

Fixing up a car to drive in it again
When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough
Don’t ever give up
Don’t ever give up

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