Blog 050: Where It’s A Small Achievement




Monsoon is coming!!

Okay, I’ll stop.

But look at those orange clouds!!

So, welcome to my 50th blog post! Well technically 62 published posts according to WP, but this is the 50th ‘blog’ post that follow my daily blogging category. Not so much of a daily blog, but what this category means is that I’ll blog about my day, thoughts and various other things and experiences. It’s more like a diary where I write a little more personally than a blog where you write about specific topics that readers have an interest in. I don’t know how many people like this type of ‘blogging’ but still managed to get a few readers now and then.

Okay since this being a 50th post achievement for me, let me recap a bit and talk about why it is an achievement, even though it is way too less as compared to other pretty good bloggers who have thousands of posts.

From the beginning shall we?

This is not my first attempt at blogging, or even writing for that matter. When I was in school I did try multiple times to maintain a diary. I loved empty notebooks or diaries that always tempted me to write something in them and I did.. many times. The first time I wrote something down as a diary entry, was about that particular day, what I did after getting up in the morning till I hit the bed at night. I wrote everything I did that day, just like an itinerary but in paragraphs. There were no thoughts, no experiences or anything special, just the things I did. I wrote 5 pages.

Later on, I started adding personal thoughts and secrets, like thoughts on a girl I had a crush on, and I never ever let anyone read it. But then I ultimately got bored after around 20-30 pages and left it. After that I tried again.. and again.. and again. Never ever stuck to it. Gave up every time. It’s not that I didn’t like writing, but I didn’t like writing physically, because that’s what we spent most of our time doing in school.. writing. So one day I decided to start a blog. And I did.

That was my first ever try at digital blogging. The thing about digital blogging, that I understood back then was, that I needed a topic, a niche, to write about. So I started writing about websites, games and guitar, but since my English wasn’t that great it took me hours to write even 500-700 words. And to add relevant images and researching on topics took way more time than I expected. So, ultimately realizing that it’s not going to work out the way I expected it to, I gave up that too. As you can see, this was about 4 years back. (nostalgia)

Since then I have started 2 websites, both which were big failures, and also bought a dozen notebooks to write about things that range from thoughts to ideas to poetry to lyrics to notes to travel diaries to anything I can think of. Every notebook is filled to about 20 pages after which I find another new shiny one in the stationary department that I feel like writing in. I mean who doesn’t want to write something in a fancy new empty notebook, right?

I am still obsessed. I currently have two empty notebooks, one which is bigger and has around 400 pages and the other a small designer one which is more like a travel diary and has around 100 pages. Both empty. I don’t know what is with me and designer fancy notebooks, you know the ones with cool covers, that whenever I see them, I feel like buying them even if I don’t intend to write anything. As I said, obsessed.

So, after my numerous failed attempts at writing, I decide to start blogging again last year. I wrote a post titled ‘The Inverted Education’, it was about approaching education in the reverse direction, from mastery to generalization. I really liked what I had written and expected a few people to read it and like it too, but nothing happened. I became a little disappointed because I did spend a couple of hours or more on that piece. Eventually in that disappointed I decided that blogging or writing isn’t for me, and that’s when I actually gave up, like never to try it again. I later deleted that piece and the blog itself. This was in 2015.

17th July, 2016 – I start again.

You know that itch you always get, to do something no matter how far you try to run away from it? No matter how much I tried to stay away or convince myself that I will never succeed in writing and that no one would ever be interested in reading my posts, I couldn’t not write. So as a nothing-to-lose kind of way, I started again over here. This time, without any plan or any topics in mind, I wrote about my thoughts, reviews and anything I would like to talk about. As always, no one seemed to read my posts, but this time seeing that as a small advantage I decided that I can start a daily blog where I’ll write about my day and include some of my thoughts in it. Well, that’s what I always wanted to do since the beginning right? So why not do it here even if no one’s going to read it. And so starts the daily blog. On 7th December, 2016.

Almost 6 months later, with almost 600 views, 400 visitors and 23 followers (at the time of writing) here I am, writing my 50th post with nothing more than happiness and a little pride. It might not seem as a big achievement to many but after almost 10 years later, from me writing my first diary entry in a school notebook to countless failures and giving ups, writing for so long is surely an achievement for me.

And I am in no mood of giving up now.

There is no failure except in no longer trying.
Elbert Hubbard

I would really like to thank everyone who reads my blog posts till the end and likes it too. Even a single like inspires me to write another post. So, thank you. :)

That’s all for this post. Eagerly looking forward to hit a century as soon as possible.

Till then, This is Nad, signing off. I’ll see you on 51.


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