Blog 053: Where My Sister Has A Baby Shower

and this is what she looked liked that day. :P

Before I start: My prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones in the Manchester attack. It’s sad and horrifying at the same time as it makes it difficult for people to get out the house without the fear of getting blown away by some lunatic who thinks he is doing some greater good by murdering innocents. Also more sad is the fact that they still exist. Anyways, may the souls rest in peace.

This is the first time I’ve attended a Maharashtrian godh bharai function (baby shower) and it was kinda fun. I didn’t knew that the soon-to-be-mother has to wear those fancy props and hold that flower basket. I’m pretty sure that everything might have some meaning and is done as a good blessing, but it was fun. I’m just really excited and happy for my sister and pray that she has a healthy, chubby, beautiful baby girl. Did I say that I’m the only one who thinks she is going to have a girl?

So, back to me. Weekly update:

– Not as productive as I wanted to be.

– Weather’s again hot af.

– Still have long hair.

– Started a new drawing.. yet to complete.

progress on the drawing.

The thing is, when things don’t go your way, everything, including life, sucks. Or it seems to suck. I have been struggling to do some things for the past couple of weeks and solve other things that are creating obstacles, but nothing seems to be quite going my way. For example, I had bought a new phone in February, which I have mentioned many times in my previous posts. With that phone came some offers from Amazon, like Kindle credits and Cashbacks. So, I had mailed Amazon regarding a particular cashback that I was eligible for and they said I’ll get it by 24th April. The mail was sent in February. But waiting was not a problem, so I did. This is what happened next.

24th April – Nothing.

26th April – Nothing.

28th April – I mail again. The reply from a customer care representative stated that it is a technical and human error and I’ll get it by 30th.

30th April – Nothing.

2nd May – Mailed again. Pushed the date to 10th May without any promise that I’ll get it by then.

10th May – Nothing.

19th May – Mailed again. Same apology reply and a promise that I’ll get it ‘soon’ but with no particular date.

24th May – Today. Nothing.

This is not a rant post and I’m not frustrated on Amazon for not solving a simple problem. It’s just that I was going to use that cashback balance to buy a new cheap tripod stand so that I can move ahead with my photography but seems life has different plans because it’s been a month since I’m waiting for it. I’m really not angry or frustrated in any way but small things like this when added together do make it difficult to get any work done through the day. Things seem to not work your way and doing anything always seems like a failure.

Now I’m not a negative guy, I have always tried to prove people by doing things that they think can’t be done. But the thing is, it’s much more difficult when you aren’t in competition with people but are with life. Life isn’t forgiving but is definitely rewarding. Life is like the really strict coach that forces you to work harder and harder everyday but when the time comes lets you take all the credit for your hardwork.

When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it.

I actually believe in that quote. You know it’s easy to do the expected but it’s very, very difficult to the unexpected and pull it off successfully. That’s why you have many successful people but very few legends. Legends make orange juice.

So, my life isn’t exactly going great. There are many small things that I wished worked out in a much better way and a few big things that I’m still waiting for them to happen. It’s like a perseverance test for me where I just need to keep on going even if everything happens the opposite. I still remember during my school and college days where I hated exams more than anything in the world. To me exams were just mindless waste of time where you needed to mug up long answers and write them down word to word so that you get the maximum possible marks from the teacher. There was absolutely no learning and minimal use of brain, except for maths, and anyone with a great memory could easily get full marks. So I always hated exams and everyday I’ll be counting the number of days and papers left before vacations started. I’ll be like, 6 papers 18 days. After a paper was done, 5 papers 15 days. When the penultimate paper was over, I’ll say to myself.. just one more to go, just one more.

I clearly remember that feeling I had since the started school, till I actually ended my educational career in 2015 (that’s around 20yrs). The feeling is like, it’s like holding on to something, like a handle where if you let go you will fall. Those exam days and the complete 4yrs of college felt like a handle that I really needed to hold on to get through it. And it wasn’t the best experience, in fact it took a lot of patience to get through 20yrs of something that I never liked. And before you say I could have done it in a different way, well you don’t get to when you’re born in a traditional Indian family. It’s actually after I finished college and refused to do a 9-5 job, that my parents have realized that there’s more in this world than just the usual education and 9-5 career and that every person is different in the way they do things and live their lives. I really wish they had realized it way before, when I first said I wanted to be a musician.

Anyways, in life there are somethings you get and somethings you don’t, and certainly life has a very different plan for me right now. I don’t know what it is but hopefully, hopefully it’s something better than what it is now.

That’s all for this post, I hope everyone has a good life and my prayers with the families and loved ones of everyone who have lost their lives not only in the recent Manchester bombing, but also in every terror attack. I hope one day we have a world free of terrorists and everyone live peacefully with love and respect.

This is Nad, signing off.


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