Blog 054: Where I Finally Cut My Hair

Finally the day has come where I finally do it. Finally.

Finally my 12 months of hard work has paid off and the time came to let go. Finally.

Finally I can become normal again. Finally.

Finally.. I look like myself. Finally.

Finally I cut my hair… Finally.

Sorry for that bad attempt at poetry at the beginning but I’m really excited to say that I did finally decide yesterday to just go to the barbershop and get my beautiful hair chopped off. At 10 in the night. Yeah, I cut my hair yesterday at 10:00pm.

So what happened was, I was all ready to go out and cut my hair but my mom was to go out as well. So I told her to drop me off at the barbershop, but unfortunately the barbershop that I always went to have my haircut, got shut down and there was a new clothes shop in its place. Wow, that was a real surprise. Just one year of not visiting a barbershop and it got shut down. This was at around 9:30pm and I was afraid that I would not be able to find any other barbershop open at that time and would have to postpone it by one more day, which I was clearly not ready to do. If I didn’t cut my hair that day then I wouldn’t have this week at all, so I wasn’t going to not cut it, even if it meant that I had to do it myself.

Fortunately, there is a barbershop that my dad goes to, which I really don’t like that much, but that was the only option at that time. So, I catch a rickshaw and go to this ‘Three Star Salon’. Luckily it was open at that time and there were still customers inside. I walked in with my usual ponytail and asked for a haircut. The barber sitting outside the shop stared at me for some seconds before getting up and escorting me inside. He positioned me to an empty seat and I sat down untying my hair. The barber who came in with me to cut my hair, was so surprised looking at my hair that he asked me twice whether I was sure that I wanted my hair cut short. I was like, ‘Dude, just go ahead and cut it short.’ Still surprised at the request, he went ahead and I think he did a pretty good job. Even he was happy seeing the way the hair cut turned out to be.

So that’s how I got my haircut late at night and actually felt really good after removing the year-long burden that I had on my head. I mean, it wasn’t a burden exactly, but it did become a little frustrating recently as it was difficult maintaining it and I also started looking like a drunk heart-broken lover. But I do miss it. It was different you know. I looked different and it was something that no one had done in our family, so I was the different guy and I love being different, stand out from the crowd. Growing my hair long wasn’t always about looks to me, it was about doing something that most people won’t do or accept to do, and I did look good too. But anyways, as is everything in life, nothing can last forever and someday you always have to let go. And so I did.

How do I feel now? Fantastic. Would I grow it all back again for a year? Of course I would! But not so soon.

I practically feel like a new person. I even shaved my beard, so I’m totally clean. It’s funny how a haircut can suddenly change not only a person’s appearance but also his personality. I feel good and light. I still sometimes feel as if my hair is tied in a ponytail and I need to undo it, force of habit you can say, but other than that, it’s a relief to get rid of it. Less maintenance and of course less shampoo!

Also, everyone who knew about my long hair were happy that I finally cut them. They said that, I look human now. Does that mean I looked like a monkey before? People are weird. If they don’t like long hair, then you with the long hair would look like a monkey. If they don’t like clean-shaved men, then you with the clean shave would like a girl to them. People are definitely weird.

Anyways, that’s all about my haircut. I practically wrote a complete post dedicated to my hair, wow. I guess I’ll just stop here.

This is Nad, with short hair, signing off.


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