Blog 055: Where It’s Almost Monsoon

Monsoon is around the corner and we had a few spells of light shower now and then but nothing that said, ‘Monsoon is here’. And as always, it’s the most humid after a short spell. Result: more sweating. But once it starts raining good even for a day, the temperature would cool down and the weather would become pleasant.. until it rains cats and dogs and the city fills up with water causing it to come to a complete halt.

That’s one of the pic from the famous 2005 Mumbai floods, the July 26 floods. I still remember that day, it was the worst rains Mumbai had ever seen. I don’t know whether we had such horrific rainfall previously or not but to witness something like that, it’s an experience that is not easy to forget. The city Mumbai is known to never stop for anything, it’s always running, no matter what. The trains and buses never stop, offices don’t shut down, schools are open, local businesses are up and running, but that day, the city came to a standstill. The heart of India, just stopped.

Okay, this got serious pretty quickly. Monsoon is not that bad, it’s actually one of the best seasons of Mumbai. I don’t like it.

Talking about floods for a second, before going to me not liking rains, the reason for flooding is mostly because of bad drainage system. Now I agree that no one expected this much amount of rainfall in a single day (it’s a record), and flooding was unexpected, but what about after the floods were over? What about disaster mitigation? I mean, even after all these years if there’s a heavy rainfall, the streets fill up. There are places in the city that flood up every year even when the rainfall is moderate. In fact, I’m pretty sure there might be a place that might have water filled roads last year, when it was the year that had the least rainfall. So less that we had water shortage for almost 6 months because the dams didn’t fill up. Oh yeah, that’s another problem.

So, we do have problems and had problems in the past too but no one seems to solve the them. There are few improvements here and there but nothing substantial to actually call it a development. And it’s not only because of the government, the people are to blame too. I mean it’s the people who throw all the garbage on the streets right? Everyone has a part to play, including the people. Even if the government were to develop state of the art drainage systems, it will soon be clogged by all the waste that’s dumped everywhere(except dustbins) eventually leading us back to square one. I’ll give another example.

Recently the government inaugurated a brand new ‘state-of-the-art’ train, called the Tejas Express. It includes: bio-vacuum toilets, water level indicators, tap sensors, hand dryers, integrated braille displays, LED TV for each passenger with phone sockets, local cuisine, celebrity chef menu, WiFi, tea and coffee vending machines, magazines, snack tables, CCTV cameras, fire & smoke detection and suppression system. (Source: wiki)

I don’t know how the trains are in other countries, but this is totally high-level for this country. There are many more facilities that you can read on the wiki page. I don’t think that there’s any local transport that has so many things that people can actually experience. It is an amazing move by the railway government and in the right direction, because the local transports now are, well… too outdated, and sometimes broken. But that said, we the people actually only deserve this shitty, broken, outdated transport. Why? Here’s why.

The first ride the Tejas Express had, was open to the people and it was fully booked. The train had a good first ride from its starting point to its destination. But when the train returned from the trip, things didn’t seem as pretty as they were when it started the journey. There were missing headphones, the floor was littered with trash, the LED screens had scratch marks, the toilets weren’t flushed and many more embarrassing incidents. It was almost a total failure. I mean, there’s absolutely no point in any sort of development if the mentality of the people remains the same, and they aren’t illiterate for crying out loud. Educated morons.

Not everyone is an educated moron by the way. There are people who have a certain degree of common sense and responsibility, but they are being drowned out by the majority that lack that. Only if people understand that whatever they do, affects no one but themselves. I mean how much does it take to throw an empty water bottle into the dustbin or carry it home if you can’t find one, instead of throwing it on the street or out of the window of a bus or train. I do appreciate the people who actually play their part in doing what’s right. I wish more people would do that.

Anyways, sorry for being so serious and complain-y, which I usually am not, but I do hate it when people don’t appreciate the things they get in life.

That’s all about the people, and I think that’s all for this post too. My not-liking-monsoon-thought would have to wait for some other post when it actually starts raining good.

Till then, I guess we’ll just have to sleep in this humid weather.

This is Nad, signing off.


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