Blog 056: Where The World Needs A Superhero

I always wanted to write this post but I either wasn’t in the right head space or didn’t know how to compose the idea. But if I waited for either of those to be right then I definitely wouldn’t have written this ever. So let’s just start.

This idea or let’s just say a hypothetical situation, came a long time ago after watching the movie Hancock. Hancock, is that superhero who basically has no actual weakness except for his female counterpart, unlike Superman whose weakness is kryptonite. He is basically immortal, immune to any toxins or diseases, has superhuman strengths and can also fly.. at supersonic speeds. He is so strong that he can actually take over the world. Now, what if he does?

Not today.

This hypothetical idea came to me when the next day I started daydreaming in school about what would I do if I had such superpowers. The first and the most obvious thing that came to my mind was to get rid of the bad guys, terrorists. And then later try to make the world a better place.

Now, it’s not about me or what would I do if I was a superhero, but it’s about whether this world needs one or not. There has a been a rise in crime and terrorism in some way or the other. People are even more feared than they were ever before and it’s not only the terrorists to blame but also the people in many ways than not. There are countries with practically no food and water but still have families with more than 5 mouths to feed, places where people fight over religion, places where racism still exists, places where half of the population is below poverty line, countries with bad and corrupt government, and the list goes on. I don’t know how the world was before, you can count me as a millennial, but I’m pretty sure the world wasn’t as f*cked up as it is now. (sorry for the language)

So, does the world need a superhero to pull it out of the darkness? Maybe.

Now the antithesis to this is, a superhero with all the superpowers is not necessarily a good thing. What if he or she uses that power to control the world, uses it to enforce his or her rules upon the people? I mean, that can definitely happen and that’s even more worse. But what if the superhero was a good one, like Superman, then how difficult would it be for him to put the planet Earth back together? Because if there’s a good guy there are definitely bad guys too, and in this case the bad guys can be people themselves. For example, if Superman took control and made a law that bans the use of religion for any personal benefits or makes a law that severely punishes rapists, by hanging them. What would the responses be?

It’s questions and situations like these that make me wonder what would I do if I was Hancock or Superman. To me, this world definitely needs a superhero because there are certain harsh steps that need to be taken to eradicate some brutal crimes like rape. And it’s not only crimes but also basic services like proper education, healthcare and law needs to be completely revamped without corruption that would actually benefit the people.  There are so many things that need to change and many a times the common man cannot do that. I mean, if there were to happen a WW3, how can the people try to avert it. It’s almost impossible.

I might be talking weird here or probably out of context, but my point still stands that the world needs a superhero to save it from killing itself. Someone who understands the problems and solves it in the best way possible. Someone who is invulnerable to everything so that no one can try to take him or her down. Someone who thinks about the people and uses the powers to make this world a much safer place to live in.

Of course all this is hypothetical because such superheroes don’t exist in real life but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any real life superheroes. There are and they are normal human beings just like you and me. Gandhi, to name one.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

There’s also something that came to my mind. Even if the world gets a superhero to save us all from the bad things and make this world peaceful and beautiful and safe and everything, there will always be one problem that no superhero would be able to solve, and that’s population. I don’t know if that’s a real problem or not right now, but seems it could be in the next century or so.

Anyways, I’m happy that I finally wrote this. Even if it’s not a perfect article, I guess the idea’s still there.

Hopefully, I write more articles like this one and compose it in a better way, but that’s it for this one.

This is Nad, signing off.


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