Blog 061: Where We Finally Move

I’m back!!

.. 3 months later.

Anyways, better late than never! And I have some good news! We finally move to a new house!

Okay, so a little recap. We had decided to sell the old house and move to a bigger one. That was the plan and that is still the plan. But we couldn’t sell it. So, instead of waiting we decided to move to a bigger house on rent. Now why do we want a bigger house? Simple, because there’s no room for me to work and have my own space. I wanted my own space, even if small, where I could focus on my work and career in peace.

So instead of living in that small house and trying to do something, we decided that we temporarily move to a bigger one where everyone could work in peace. And hence the move.

Now the new house is great and all but there are certain things that aren’t really perfect. Firstly, the area is completely different. We moved from a town that was one of the best in our city to a one that’s more like under development. It’s not that the new town is completely barren but it’s not up to the mark as the previous one. Shops, people, local transport and various other things are all different, even though the new town is just 30 mins from the old one. For example, even the locally available bread is of different brand than most places. It’s not a big deal but it does take some time to get used to things right?

Moving on, the other thing that’s not that great is the common bathroom in our new house. There are two bathrooms, one that’s attached to the master bedroom which belongs to my parents, and the other that’s outside and accessible to everyone else, common. Now I have a thing for bathrooms: I want the bathroom to be perfectly clean at all times. *Dirtiness alert* I hate even strands of hair on the floor or even the walls. I hate someone else using it in a not so clean manner. I don’t even like to use the bathroom soon after someone else used it, even if that person has taken just a bath. I would wait like an hour until I entered it.

I know I’m not alone on this but the common bathroom here is somewhat disappointing. I won’t go into the details of it but I wish that one thing was not bad when everything else is really good.

Coming to the new neighbourhood, there’s one thing that’s really missing here, and that’s the homely feeling that we had in our previous home. I don’t why that feeling is there or whether it’ll go or not but I think we will need to adapt to the changes as long as we can, or till we are good enough to move to a much better place. Maybe things will be better in a few weeks, maybe we will never feel at home, but only time would tell.

It may seem that I may be complaining too much about the new home, even though it was me who wanted to move out here to this new house, but these are just small inconveniences. I’m happy we moved, I’m happy finally having my own bedroom and I’m happy that I can finally start some serious work here. And this is just temporary, probably a year or two at max over here and then we move on to some other place. In fact, if we manage to actually sell the old house this time we might move out even in six months. But that’s the future and I really, really don’t know what’s written in it.

Apart from that, I could just hope that from now on everything will be alright.

So that’s all about the big move. It’s weird writing again after such a long time but it’s good to be back and now I can be more on time with my schedule.

I’ll just end this post here.

This is Nad, signing off.


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