People draw their favorite superstars I drew mine.

IISuperwomanII. The crazy woman who is crazy enough to play her own mom and dad has been an inspiration for many like me who want to do something different in the world and make people smile.

She defines hard work and proves us that if you work hard enough for something you love you’ll surely get it.
From outside the white house to one-on-one talk with the first lady herself she’s living and loving her amazing life but still being down to earth and the normal yet crazy and different person we all came to know.

Spreading positivity and love all over the world and supporting girl education, she makes the world a better place.. one video at a time. Keeping me and the whole world happy and positive everyday, this sketch is a way to say thank you for what she does. I know it’s not the usual sketch but something that reminds me and everyone how truly she is.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. #respect

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